Drylight of the Week

As mentioned in a previous post Clive Tully has shared some great Rohan anecdotes with us

Drylight of the Week

clive tullyWe all know Rohan clothes dry incredibly quickly, but did you know there’s a way of getting them dry enough to wear almost the moment you’ve finished washing them? Now that’s something really handy to know when you’re pushed for time.

This works especially well in a hotel, as the secret to instant dry clothes is not a blast with a hair dryer, but a large towel – if it’s a nice big fluffy bath towel, then so much the better. So once you’ve wrung out your Rohan Bags or whatever it is you’ve just washed, lay the towel out on a flat surface, and then the trousers flat on top.

Fold any spare towel over the top, and then start to roll it up tightly, so what you end up with is a large towelling sausage with the trousers sandwiched inside. If you have someone with you, get them to grasp one end of the sausage while you hold the other. Alternatively, hold down one end with your foot, while you use your hands to twist the other.

Keep twisting until you can’t twist any more, then unravel the whole thing. You’ll find the trousers come out almost bone dry – a little creased, yes, but they drop out quickly as you wear the garment.

Thanks again Clive worth knowing. Share your Rohan Clothing drying tips with us.

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