Rohan Roamers banana, tea & medals

Angie, Jeff and Matt collecting medals in front of Salisbury cathedral

Rohan Roamers Clarendon Way Success

As you will know from our previous post the Rohan Roamers (Jeff, Matt & Angie from Rohan Winchester) succesfully completed the Naomi House Clarendon Way challenge on June 5th.

It started out as a perfect day for a walking challenge, warm but not hot with plenty of cloud cover to keep us cool along the route. We gathered outside Winchester cathedral to register at eight o’clock itching to set off. It was soon apparent just how large this event was which took us all by surprise. It was an strange experience to be walking with so many strangers (I hadn’t walked with so many since doing the Camino in 2009). Everyone was jovial and chatting away for the first few kilometers

The route out of Winchester

The route out of Winchester was easy enough and I was quite glad that we weren’t following the normal Clarendon Way route so could get out of Winchester much quicker without needless detours.  This did mean passing through a golf course though and you could see that a few of the players were a little annoyed at having their game interrupted by hundreds of people on the march. It was easy progress once we got onto the Roman road even if we did have to dodge cars with bemused drivers.

Jeff and Angie at the half way marker

We met our first major hill in Farley Mount country park and the first choke point as there was a huge cue at each loo stop breaking up progress. The undulation on the route made it hard going through the middle section and we were glad to stop for lunch at the half way point outside Broughton marked by a carved stone showing the route. It was after passing Broughton that the heavens started to open with an almost continuous drizzle all the way to Salisbury making it heavy going. This was especially so when we hit grass tracks which were quickly turned to mud by the walkers ahead of us. However we pushed on undaunted and entered Salisbury at 4-30, thus knocking half an hour off the estimated time (not bad considering the weather). We were met at the end with a presentation of a banana, tea and medals before beginning the journey home and to the pub for a well earned pint!

Crossing the finish line rather bedraggled

The whole route was well staffed with helpers from Naomi House and Wellbeck college providing snacks, water and pointing the way so a big thank-you to them and well done to all our fellow walkers who took part that day.

Top Kit! – Obviously on a walk like this you need to have complete confidence in your kit. We all wore the Rohan Basis T throughout the day which wicked beautifully and dried in no time even after repeated soakings. Jeff was trialing a new pair of Chomrongs, they hadn’t been quite worn in yet but he found them very comfortable and supportive with good grip even when the track turned to mud. He especially appreciated having dry socks at the end of the day thanks to the Barricade lining. I had my Rohan Buff with me which proved its versatility being used as scarf, towel, sweat band and hat at various points of the day… I never head to the hills without it.

Pop in to the store in The Square just outside Winchester Cathedral to chat to us about the walk if you wish. We are still able to take donations so please give generously for a worthy cause.

Matt – Supervisor Rohan Winchester


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