Buckling Clever – How to Fix a Rohan Belt


Rohantime gets a steady stream of interesting and often funny anecdote’s and mini-stories from Rohanists. This is a great example from Clive Tully Award-winning travel and outdoors writer, photographer and broadcaster.



It’s been interesting to read some of the little snippets about the faithful Rohan belt, but here’s a little tip straight from the horse’s mouth. Most people wear their belts with the female side of the buckle to their left, the male to their right, and the loose end of the belt coming out on top.

Paul Howcroft was a man who strove to make clothing where functionality was the prime consideration, but that’s not to say he ignored looking smart.

He showed me this little trick many years ago, and I still use it.


Rohan Bags Belt


Unthread the male end of your belt buckle, and rotate it 180 degrees, so the prongs are facing outwards to the right rather than towards the female half of the buckle. Now thread the belt back in, and then roll the prongs over towards the female side of the buckle. It takes a little bit of adjusting to get it right, but what you end up with is a fastened belt with much cleaner lines, and no loose end sticking out. How cool is that?


Thank you Clive 




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