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Rohan Dunster

Since opening in January 2009 Richard, the manager at Rohan Dunster, and his team have been collecting items of early Rohan clothing, kindly donated by customers calling at the shop. They have now amassed enough to put a selection on display in an area of the shop, this they call ‘The Heritage Collection’ and invite customers old and new to take a look back to the early days of Rohan.

Dunster Heritage Collection2 Dunster Heritage Collection 1

Also in this area they have a selection of Rohan back catalogues for customers to browse through, together with O.S maps for the ramblers amongst you to work out your routes.

Richard said, “since we opened so many customers were telling us that they never throw out Rohan clothing because it just didn’t wear out; that they either had no use for it or they had grown out of it, we decided to ask if we could have it to create an archive.

We now have quite a few garments and are gaining more as customers see what we have created and donate more items to our collection”.

If anyone has an early item of Rohan clothing or literature that they no longer require, Richard would be grateful if you would donate it to the Rohan Dunster shop collection.

Also required for this area are pictures of Rohan enthusiast using Rohan clothes around the world, with a small write up of where you are in the picture and how the clothes performed. These pictures and notes will be placed on a map with an arrow indicating exactly where you were at the time the photo was taken.

Please send your photo to, Richard at Rohan Country Stores, Dunster, Somerset, TA246SE.

Sorry we are unable to return any photographs.


Rohan Heritage

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