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From tiny acorns…

Sharon Hill celebrates 25 years of service at Rohan today.

When Sarah Howcroft interviewed the diminutive 16 year old accompanied by her mum she thought Sharon was keen, helpful & would fit in well but never imagined that Sharon would rise from Saturday girl to Rohan’s super efficient Customer Service Manager.

Sharon started work for Paul & Sarah at the newly opened Milton Keynes shop. Initially on a part time basis but soon full time & rising to the rank of shop manager. Sharon’s sales & marketing skills quickly became apparent and as well as managing the shop she was a regular at head office and was soon joining the team on events from exhibitions, customer evenings & even in cycling the London to Brighton race.

As the business grew so did Sharon’s role within it. She now manages a large team dealing with all customer interaction with the brand. Her knowledge of the brand is second to none; she effortlessly juggles a demanding job with family life (proud mum of two girls, Faye & Robyn) and is genuinely as enthusiastic about Rohan today as when she started with our customers needs at the heart of everything she does.

My personal hi-lights by Becky Serieys

Only Sharon could have organized a HQ spectacular ‘I’m A Rohan Director Get Me Out Of Here’ involving a bathtub of gloop. Apparently having a then 4 year old put Sharon firmly in the market for knowing about gloop. How she got away with gunging the board no-one is entirely sure…possibly on the basis of fundraising!

Sharron HilLSharon also manages to find & train really great people. Many people around the business started in Customer Services – Andrea, Sandra, Rachel, Andy… all with a great work ethic

Apparently a breakfast of ready salted crisps & a twix has kept her going for years!

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