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rohan and oxfam

Two Keswick shop managers have joined forces to promote their businesses, help fight poverty and save the environment at the same time.

Jamie Sims of Oxfam and Ben Evans of Keswick have partnered up for the summer. Customers can drop off any piece of used Rohan clothing to either store, and in exchange receive a discount voucher off any new clothing and accessories at the Rohan Keswick store on Lake Road. The pilot scheme is initially only available at the Keswick branches at this time. It is hoped that should it be a success, it will spread to other outlets.

Jamie explains, “Just selling one item of Rohan clothing in our store on average raises enough money to feed a family when a crisis breaks out, or supply safe water for up to 10 people. I am so pleased that Ben and his team at Rohan are supporting this local scheme, making a real difference to people’s lives. It supports a local business while at the same time raising badly needed funds for Oxfam’s work, and has the added bonus of diverting used Rohan clothing away from landfill. It’s a win win situation.”

This isn’t the first time Rohan in Keswick has run a clothing exchange. “As part of our ’25 years of Rohan Franchising’ celebration weekend in April, we ran a garment exchange which proved very successful” explains Ben. “In total we collected 171 used Rohan garments from our customers in exchange for discount on new products. We then distributed the used garments amongst the three charity shops in Keswick.

Rohan and OxfamIn April this year, Oxfam’s flagship Wastesaver clothes processing centre in Huddersfield was tragically raised to the ground by fire. Jamie explains “ Hundreds of tons of clothing were lost, including clothing already sold through their online shop, and clothing destined for the music festivals”. As a result, Jamie is asking the Keswick community to please take an extra look in that wardrobe, and donate what they can so that we can catch up again. The plant had been open since 1967, and Oxfam is the only charity to operate there own sorting centre. It re-distributes clothing to other Oxfam shops, online and abroad. The Bookbarn, Oxfam’s unique book sorting facility nearby, was undamaged in the incident.

For further information, contact Jamie at Oxfam on 017687 74494, or Ben at Rohan on 017687 74963.


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