Linen with added Rohan

Rohan Linen Plus

Rohan’s Linen Plus™

From its earliest days Rohan has challenged conventional thinking on clothing. The breakthroughs that followed built the reputation for innovation that is still a driving force today.

Linen Plus™ is a great example of taking an established but flawed concept and applying the Rohan ‘Re-think’ principle. On a warm day, or in a hot climate, everyone loves the cool comfort of linen trousers and the simple unstructured look of a classic linen jacket.<

But who wants to look like an unmade bed after ten minutes. What if the natural style of linen could be kept through the day. Day after day. What if it could be easycare and keep its shape over years rather than minutes.

Rohan’s Linen Plus™ is the answer – a mix of natural linen fabric and technical fibres that now make linen completely practical.

Fabric: Linen Plus™ (55% linen, 45% polyester) with 65% polyester, 35% cotton lining.
Weight: 530g
Pack Size: 1300ml
Drying Time: 8 hours


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