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The first post on our Rohan Bags Price Index has been very popular.  Thank you to everybody that took part. A big thank you to Warren for filling in so many years. If fact it was because of this post on Rohantime that Warren McLaren made contact with us and sent us his great post.

The results of the Rohan Bags Price Index to date are as follows:


In 31 years the price has increased. I guess that is no surprise. The actual price increase over the years is £34.82. That’s just over £1.00 per year.

So how does that compare to the Mars Bar Index?
You may remember in the first post we mentioned that the Mars Bar Index correlates accurately with the change in value of the pound sterling since World War II. I happen to know that in 1981 a Mars Bars cost 15p. Today 45p. The bar has increased by 300% over the years.
Bags over the same period reveal a slightly smaller percentage increase. Rohan Bags have bucked the trend. I am sure the Mars Bar Index is accurate most of the time, but there has to be exceptions – Rohan Bags the exception – Sustainability through longevity.

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