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UK pledges to halve carbon emissions by 2025

The UK has committed to reduce carbon emissions by 50% of 1990 levels by 2025.
Britain is the first country in the world to declare a “legally binding” target on greenhouse gas emissions beyond 2020. The most ambitious target on greenhouse gases by any developed country. The bill will have far reaching effects for all aspects of UK society.

The UK will have to generate nearly all its electricity from low carbon sources like nuclear and wind, insulate three million homes and ensure over 50% of new cars run on electricity by 2030.

Green taxes will impact industry and business with the polluter pays principle used to encourage the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Your carbon footprint gives an indication of your impact on the environment, which is caused by the burning of fossil fuels such as oil and gas. Calculate the impact of your life, travel, home and shopping habits with this simple carbon footprint calculator


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