Bikes & Hikes in Kentish Countryside

Kentish Countryside

Whilst pedalling furiously through this gorgeous countryside

Having been inspired by the Explore Kent supplement in the Tunbridge Wells Courier, I decided to discover some new cycle training routes in the area, I quickly downloaded the free Explore Kent app onto my iphone and took to the saddle for some scenic training.

Bikes and Hikes As a keen triathlete with competition season well and truly underway; beautiful countryside and varied routes are always greatly appreciated, even when travelling at speed! Training for longer distances on old routes can get a little monotonous and really don’t help with motivation to train. The route that I took most recently (places suggested in the newspaper supplement) was certainly a breathtakingly beautiful route passing through parts of the Ashdown Forest, Penshurst, Tonbridge and The Weald. Whilst pedalling furiously through this gorgeous countryside, it occurred to me how fortunate I am to live so close to such wonderful surroundings. On this brilliantly sunny day with the wind in my face I certainly felt liberated and close to Mother Nature.

Of course wearing items of Rohan clothing is an essential part of my training attire, with a huge variety of things to wear even for a cyclist. Amongst other things, light-weight, high wicking t-shirts are a must along with a light waterproof outer for those unexpected British showers.

doggo daysA Cloudcover Jacket is one of my favourite items packing down so small and being extremely light weight means it’s no hassle to carry on my bike.

Away from the speed and endurance of triathlon training, I enjoy leisurely bike rides in splendid surroundings with the family.

Kit List:
Superfine Merino short sleeved t-shirt
Cloudcover Waterproof Jacket
Shorts, Shoes and Sunglasses

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