Walk to School Week

walk to school

Walk to School Week 16th to 20th of May

Walk to School is a national campaign that was launched in 1995 with a simple aim – to encourage all parents and children to make walking to school part of their daily routine. Over 6,400 schools and 1.6 million children now take part.

The Walk to School campaign is run by Living Streets the national charity which stands up for pedestrians, between the 16th to 20th of May they are running their annual walk to school week.

In a recent survey conducted by Living Streets of 2000 children aged between seven and fourteen 36% of children where fearful of cars traveling too fast and a fifth of the children reported the lack of safe crossing points as reasons that prevented them fromn walking to school each day.

Find out more about how you can get involved and support the campaign

Walk to School have a wide range of free resources to help you promote walking to school.

The latest Department of Health figures show that 28 per cent of children in England aged between two and ten are overweight or obese.

Should local councils and education authorities be doing more to help and encourage children to walk or cycle to school?


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