Reminiscences of Rohan garments

rohan olfio, wild vest and bags in distant green 1986

Rohan Olfio, Wild Vest and Bags in Distant Green 1986

The Rohantime Forum the place to talk about our favourite subject Rohan has some great topics being discussed at the moment. This one caught my eye…

Reminiscences of Rohan garments

“Have dipped in and out of this forum a bit in the past, mostly as a lurker.

Prompted by getting stuff together for a week’s biking in Scotland, and the raking through my wardrobe, to see what is still there, what I regret throwing out, what I wish we be brought back for when my current garments wear out. Bear with me!

In no real order for function, form (!) or antiquity:

All blue insulated Olfio – relegated to painting and cold weather gardening duties, but could never be parted. Must be 20 years old now.
Super Striders (original Multiflex) – stood up to how many hill trips, and Salopettes – used them skiing for a long time, was apparently easily identifiable on the hill for the unusual attire!
Wild Vest – isulated – invaluable for kicking about the house, brisk walk in the cool weather, and for curling games
Moleskin Bags – fantastic – bring them back, mine can’t last forever (can they?)
Alp green multifleece 200 (?) – still going strong, another classic garment – zip has broken, but it’s dug out every autumn and pressed into service every winter

Wish could have original Moving On (with easy cross zip front) – was easier to roll up sleeves, something that can’t be done with modern elasticated wrist Goas.
Sad to be parted from insulated Pampas jacket – just too bulky to justify 5 years ago. If I’d known the winters we would have had recently…
Fulmar waterproof jacket – lovely stuff, just enough functionality, nice touches like zips that were easy to close (away from top of garment). Lining gave up the ghost sadly but still in use as dry weather jacket.

apologies for feeling sentimental! Could go through more of the shirts, jackets and T-shirts but have probably bored you all already”. bodkin on the Rohantime Forum

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Rohanists with a  deep interest in the history of Rohan would enjoy a visit to Rohan Keswick home of the Rohan Original’s Collection and read more on Rohan History


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  1. Alas, our super Fulmar coats are fading away after 20+ years of good service. We just can’t find a suitable equivalent – able to cope with West African rainy seasons and English summer showers (showers?) Still looking for something that will exclude wind and rain but not be too humid to wear for extended periods.

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