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I have just uploaded a Rohan collectors item to the growing Rohan Heritage digital collection on Rohantime Flickr. It is a copy of the Rohan TQQ Autumn 1985. TQQ was the Magazine for Rohanist circa 1984 – 1987.

As I was doing this I had time to re-read the text. The introduction by the late Paul Howcroft Co- Founder of Rohan on the inside front cover is still worth a read. Might raise a smile. This is a direct link to the text if you find it a little hard to read please use the zoom at the top of the page. I think it is interesting that we asked this question Who are these Rohanists?

A small excerpt from the introduction…

“Perhaps we need a different indicator of people-kind based not on what they earn or own, but what they think. If there was some means of measuring such abstracts as ” depth of imagination”, “design awareness”, “attitude to others” and “dislike of uniformity” etc. we may be closer to our common thread”

It’s over 30years since that was written….Read on

Rohanists with a deep interest in the history of Rohan would enjoy a visit to Rohan Keswick home of the Rohan Original’s collection.

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