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I have just uploaded a Rohan collectors item to the growing Rohan Heritage digital collection on Rohantime Flickr. It is a copy of the Rohan TQQ Autumn 1985. TQQ was the Magazine for Rohanist circa 1984 – 1987.

As I was doing this I had time to re-read the text. The introduction by the late Paul Howcroft Co- Founder of Rohan on the inside front cover is still worth a read. Might raise a smile. This is a direct link to the text if you find it a little hard to read please use the zoom at the top of the page. I think it is interesting that we asked this question Who are these Rohanists?

A small excerpt from the introduction…

“Perhaps we need a different indicator of people-kind based not on what they earn or own, but what they think. If there was some means of measuring such abstracts as ” depth of imagination”, “design awareness”, “attitude to others” and “dislike of uniformity” etc. we may be closer to our common thread”

It’s over a quarter of a century since that was written….Read on

Rohanists with a deep interest in the history of Rohan would enjoy a visit to Rohan Keswick home of the Rohan Original’s collection.

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