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Since 2008 Porters Progress has been running a campaign for people to donate unused sunglasses. These are essential at high altitude to prevent snow blindness. Last year we published a post on Rohantime about Tim Jaspers Rohan Brand Drictor trip to Nepal. If you remember he went loaded down with Rohan Garments for Porters Progress. This year as part of Rohan’s ongoing support to  Porters Progress Tim decided to help by seeking donations of high quality sunglasses for the mountain porters of Nepal. Read on because there is more…

We caught up with Tim for a Sneak Preview of the new Rohan Optics range…

Tim Jasper Rohan Designs“We are delighted to add to our support for poorly equipped porters in the world’s mountainous regions. Not just clothes now, essential though they are, but eye protection too. Sunglasses with enough performance are critical to avoid snow blindness when porters carry their loads above the snow line. We know our customers will be generous enough to support this project and as an added incentive we’ll take £5 off when they buy from our new sunglasses range. We’re also asking our manufacturer for surplus or sample stock which they can also donate”. Tim Jasper, Rohan Brand Director

Rohan Optics are available from mid-May in selected Rohan shops. Prices range from £55-£85

Call Customer Services on 0800 840 1411 to find your nearest Rohan shop


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