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Growing numbers of UK travellers are failing to take precautions to prevent malaria – and then contracting the disease, this has led to a thirty per cent increase in cases in the UK during the last two years. Malaria is contracted by being bitten by an infected mosquito.

Malaria occurs in many tropical and subtropical regions of the world including areas of Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Haiti and the Dominican Republic some Pacific islands, such as Papua New Guinea and to a lesser extent the Middle and Far East.

Malaria is potentially fatal but almost completely preventable. If you are traveling to an area where malaria is endemic you should seek advice about anti-mosquito precautions and medication from your GP or travel clinic at least eight weeks before your departure date.

Don’t Get Bitten with the right precautions you can minimize or avoid the chances of mosquito bites and malaria. Try and keep your skin covered up particularly after dark when malaria mosquitoes are most active. Wear loose fitting clothes long sleeved shirts or tops and full length trousers don’t go barefoot. Mosquitoes can get to your skin through tight fitting clothing. Use a mosquito and insect repellent on clothes and exposed areas of skin. Sleep under a mosquito net one that has been treated with an insecticide approved for the purpose like the World Health Organisation approved Permethrin treatment.

BiteGuard™ is a unique textile impregnation which is proven to reduce mosquito landings by 45% and cut down bites by between 80% and 90%. It is kind to your skin and all components are naturally biodegradable.

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