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Rohan Optics

Rohan Optics – Built to protect, built to last.

Available from mid-May in selected Rohan shops.

Advances in optical technology and frame design have radically changed the eyewear that we choose for our adventures. Levels of protection, optical clarity and comfort have now reached the highest levels.

Rohan have taken a fresh look at high performance eyewear, designing a range that brings together innovation and cutting edge technologies to create Rohan Optics. And because this is Rohan eyewear it doesn’t just work in the mountains, it also fits in perfectly for the ‘everyday.’

Flex hinges
All Rohan eyewear, that doesn’t have a naturally flexing frame, comes with flex hinges as standard. This feature provides a flexible fit and a certain amount of ‘give’ to reduce any feelings of tightness or pressure during periods of extended wear.

UV protection
All Rohan optics offer complete protection from harmful UV rays far exceeding all EU and US standards. Even our clearest looking lenses block 100% of harmful UV radiation. That means minimal eye-strain and damage and maximum protection for the delicate skin surrounding the eyes.

Visual definition
Lenses offer the highest level of optical definition and sharpness giving clearer vision in low light whilst cutting out glare on sunny days. And all Rohan lenses are distortion free. Whilst this benefit isn’t usually noticeable to the naked eye it dramatically cuts down the eye-strain that can lead to headaches and tiredness.

Impact protection
Full ballistics protection comes as standard on all Rohan sunglasses. In real life that means pebbles thrown up into your glasses when you’re on your bike, shock but don’t shatter.

Visible as a rainbow-tinted hue on the back of all lenses, this anti-reflective coating reduces scattered light within the sunglasses, sharpens vision in low light areas and helps the eyes to adjust from full bright to low light conditions.

Silicone nose pads
The contact point where the frame meets the nose on all metal frame sunglasses is cushioned with a soft silicone bridge that wraps over the nose. This spreads the load far more effectively than the traditional twin pads and leads to improved comfort during periods of extended wear. It offers a superb grip which works well, even when wet from sweat or suncream.

Rohan Oleophobic coating makes cleaning off smudges, muck or suncream an easy business. It also means you don’t need a specially sensitive cleaning cloth. Most smears can be removed with a clean thumb!

Repelling water from the lens is critical for water sports, sailing and even just for showery days. All Rohan lenses feature a high grade hydrophobic coating.

Frame materials
Rohan frames range from the toughest memory polyamide available to premium metal alloys and handmade cellulose acetate. All are light, strong and ultra-durable.

A hard case comes as standard with all Rohan optics along with a high quality microfbre cleaning cloth.

rohan optics

Rohan Optics are available from mid-May in selected Rohan shops. Prices range from £55-£85

Call Customer Services on 0800 840 1411 to find your nearest Rohan shop

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