Camping Makes You Richer

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Its official camping makes you richer

Today the Camping and Caravanning Club released the findings of their Real Richness – The List report based on a review of research into the psychological and social benefits of camping.

This was undertaken by leading academics in the field of Outdoor Education at Liverpool John Moores University and an online survey amongst 1,000 adults and 500 children aged 7-11 who camp and 1,000 adults and 500 children aged 7 to 11 who have never camped. The research took place in February 2011.

For the purpose of the report ‘campers’ is a generic term for anyone who regularly camps in a tent, caravan, motorhome or trailer tent.

In the study, 93% of campers said camping can make you happier, made families feel closer and richer, 85% of adult campers thought camping can make you healthier and nearly half think it should be prescribed on the NHS!
Read the Real Richness Report on The Camping and Caravanning Club website.


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