Earth Day A Billion Acts of Green

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One Billion Acts of Green

Earth Day April 22 is intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment. Earth Day was founded by United States Senator Gaylord Nelson on April 22, 1970. Denis Hayes, who was the original national coordinator in 1970, took it international in 1990 and organized events in 141 nations.

Earth Day is now celebrated globally in more than 175 countries every year. Numerous communities celebrate Earth Week, an entire week of activities focused on environmental issues. In 2009, the United Nations designated April 22 International Mother Earth Day.

This year, Earth Day’s focus this year is on green cities, to create a sustainable, healthy environment by greening communities worldwide.

Earth Day Network’s A Billion Acts of Green® website enables people to register and support the idea that real change occurs best when millions of people commit to it with their actions –  A Billion Acts of Green. With over one billion actions to date, Earth Day Network’s A Billion Acts of Green® – the largest environmental service campaign in the world – is steadily building commitments by individuals, organisations, businesses and governments to protect the planet. What have you done for the earth today? Submit an Act of Green

Recent acts of green
Change my light bulbs
Eat more local food.
Use less toxic cleaning products
Use a reusable bag for shopping
Recycle and reuse more

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