Baring Your Sole

bare foot walking

Barefoot walking is good for the soul

Barefoot and minimalist running is not new, in the early eighties Zola Budd made headlines as she took to the Olympic track barefooted.

An emerging trend is the rise in popularity of barefoot and minimalist walking although still a rare sight in the UK – advocates of barefoot and minimalist walking claim that it is more efficient, natural and healthy – the environmental impact is less damaging walking barefoot leaves less of a footprint than your walking boots do on the the ecosystem.

Are you a barefoot walker? have you thought about giving barefoot walking a go? Barefoot and boot free trails, walks and parks are springing up throughout Europe. The UK’s first barefoot trail has opened in Nottinghamshire followed by another at Greenwood Forest Park in Gwynedd.

International Barefoot Running Day committed to injury free, enjoyable running.

Barefoot Runners Society “Changing the running world one odd look at a time”

Natural Running committed to injury free, enjoyable running.


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