Rohan 25 Years in The Lake District


Rohan Originals Keswick Weekend ended on Sunday night.

The Evans family and all the Rohan team extend a big thank you to everybody who took part in the weekend celebration. It was the talk of the town. There was considerable interest in the Rohan Originals Collection now housed in Rohan Keswick.

Colin Fisher Chairman, Tim Jasper Brand Director and Sarah Howcroft Co Founder where all kept very busy over the weekend meeting old friends and new.

Ben Evans “The collection area for returned Rohan garments for reuse by local charities had to be emptied many times over the weekend. All of us have been amazed at the quality of the Rohan garments being returned for reuse. Some of them are over 30 years old and still have many years of life left in them. Many customers remarked it was a nice to know that their much loved Rohan garments would find new homes”.

Tim Jasper “It was great to meet up with so many long-standing and new Rohan customers over the Keswick Originals weekend. It was fantastic to be able to celebrate 25 years in the Lakes and many thanks to everyone who made the special journey to come.”

Sarah Howcroft “This is by far the most comprehensive archive of classic Rohan Garments in the world. The time taken to collect and display this collection is impressive. Congratulation to Ben Evans and his team for capturing the history of Rohan in such a meaningful way”.

Lets do it all again in another 25 years.

Photo Credits: Al, Joy & Ben Evans with Colin Fisher  – The Rohan Originals Weekend Keswick Team – the family Bambridge  from Cockermouth – the family Glendinning from West Yorkshire –  not forgetting Rohan Regional Manager Craig and Ben Evans both wearing the original 1980’s Rohan folding sunglasses .

Rohan Heritage

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