Staycation – Daycation


Forget the Staycation.

There’s a new holiday trend emerging – and this one doesn’t require months of planning or vast amounts of cash. More and more people are opting for a series of one day holidays throughout the year, “Daycations”. The benefits of daycations include low costs and less hassle than planning the traditional two-week holiday.

Britons taking traditional two-week summer holiday has decreased by almost 20% in five years. The traditional two-week summer holiday is fast becoming a thing of the past as costs increase and finances are squeezed.

What would be your ideal Daycation?
How about a Daycation – Micro Adventure, how far can you go in 24 hours?
Daycation using only public transport where would you go?
Human powered Daycation – Walk, Ride, Row.


Rohan Heritage

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