Rohan’s Youngest Fan?

Darcy in a Rohan Thermocore shirtWhen Darcy was first born she had real troubles sleeping and some nights I’d be sat next her basket holding her hand for many hours for her only to sleep for a few minutes. One night she could not get to sleep and after a while of trying everything I could think of I realised that the blanket she was wrapped up in wasn’t really that soft. Unfortunately she’d had a few accidents earlier that day so it was the only clean one we could use. Fortunately I was wearing my trusty Thermocore shirt which as well as being super soft is highly breathable and very warm. I stripped it off and wrapped her up in it, after about a minute she fell asleep for about 4 hours straight! So the next time Rohan release the Thermocore shirt I’d suggest adding a bullet point to the label, also great for getting babies to sleep.

Simon Cook (deputy manager Rohan Guildford )

Rohan Heritage

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