Rohan Windshadow Jacket

Rohan Windshadow Jacket

Rohan Windshadow Jacket

Protection perfected, Rohan distilled.

One of the great things that comes with experience, is the ability to recognise when enough is enough.

Travelling with no more than you really need gives great freedom. Unencumbered and uncluttered, you can move fast and light. And it really does affect how much joy your adventure brings. It’s the art of having everything you need and nothing you don’t.

The Windshadow Jacket is a remarkable feat of minimalist protection. Feather light but still tough and protective. When it’s teamed with our Ultra Silver T, Microgrid Stowaway Zip and Essential Trousers the whole shooting match only weighs 865g.

It’s not about numbers though, it’s about how you feel. Gear like this breathes more, gives you more freedom of movement and just feels great to wear.

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