America’s Great Outdoors

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Americans today have become increasingly disconnected from the great outdoors

American’s who are passionate about the great outdoors are thrilled by the recently released America’s Great Outdoors report “A Promise to future generations.” The report outlines ways to conserve America’s outdoors, improve recreational access and boost urban and rural economies in thoughtful ways allowing use along with preservation.

The Vision of America’s Great Outdoors is to connect Americans to the Great Outdoors, to conserve and restore America’s Great Outdoors and Work Together for America’s Great Outdoors.

America’s Great Outdoors report importantly notes, “Americans today have become increasingly disconnected from our great outdoors. We find ourselves cut off from the natural and cultural inheritance that has shaped our lives and history. Our natural resources remain central to our economic vitality, yet they are under intense pressure from development and fragmentation, unsustainable use, pollution, and impacts from a changing climate.” This report is a call to action for individuals, corporations and land managers to take action to protect the outdoors. What is important now, for those who love the outdoors, for those who benefit from the jobs and beauty the outdoors is to give back – to step forward – and to take action.

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The question for us here in the UK is can we learn from this American initiative. Is it time for us to step up and take action to do more to protect Our Great Outdoors. Should we be making a promise to our future generations?


Rohan Heritage

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