Rohan Outer Flame Belay Jacket

Rohan outer flame jacket

In the coldest conditions your precious body heat quickly leaves you when you’re still. The last thing you want to do is take off your shell to put on another mid-layer.

Whether you are belaying or just stopping for your butties, the Outer Flame is the answer. It’s cut big, permanently water repellent on the inside and outside, ultra-light and packs away small.

It’s an overlayer that you can always carry with you. Instant heat, just when you need it most.

Rohan Outer Flame Jacket

Rohan Outer Flame Jacket
The over-jacket or belay jacket concept comes from the world of big wall climbing, where you need extra warmth on big faces but you don’t want to remove your shell jacket.

The concept is taking off because the jackets are just so practical. The Outer Flame is water repellent on the inside and out, windproof and unlike down insulation, Insuloft™ is pretty much indestructible. It also rolls away pretty small into its own Packpocket™ which makes it easy to stash away in your rucksack until it’s needed.

A combination of functional design and cutting edge materials makes this an extremely versatile insulation piece.

Rohan Outer Flame Jacket in Action

Wear Testing in Wales with Stu Stanley and Lee Roberts.


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