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The Howgills

Nothing new about that!

Apparently we are in favour of the possible extension of the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks.

In the 1950s, the Park boundaries were drawn to follow out of date administrative and road boundaries, a strange anomaly which cuts the beautiful Howgill Fells in two with half in and half outside of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

The Campaign for National Parks and others has long considered the boundaries of the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Park to be ‘unfinished business’ and has campaigned for them to be reviewed. Natural England has been consulting on whether the boundaries should be extended.

Two areas to the east of the Lake District and two areas to the west and north west of the Yorkshire Dales are in the spotlight, along with the beautiful limestone country above Orton, which in theory could be included in either Park. Proposed Boundaries at 1:25,000 with Key Map

The Campaign for National Parks issued a press release on 2nd March highlighting the findings of a public consultation on the possible extension of the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks, which shows clear public support for the proposals with at least 68% of all respondents supporting the designation of each of the five proposed extension areas as National Park. The consultation suggests that an overwhelming majority of people, including residents, support the principle of designation.

Ruth Chambers, Deputy Chief Executive at the Campaign for National Parks, welcomed the findings:

‘It’s good news that there is such strong public support for the extension of these National Parks but then that’s hardly surprising given the stunning landscapes that are being discussed – areas like the northern Howgills, Mallerstang and Borrowdale in Westmorland are all of undeniable National Park quality and represent unfinished business from the 1950s, when the Park boundaries were first devised. The sooner that the National Park extensions can be completed the better so that the areas can begin to enjoy the benefits that National Park designation brings’.

There will now be a further consultation on revised boundary changes and on the Environmental Report for the Strategic Environmental Assessment of the revised proposals.

For general information about the Lakes to Dales Landscape Designation Project or contact Ruth on 07971 102 156.

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