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The Rohan Keswick Team have got together to share with us their current favourite Rohan garments and their all time favourite Rohan garment. A Big Thank You to Ben and his team.

cathyCathie’s Current Favourites

Striders. They are smart, warm, extremely comfortable and can be worn pretty much any time as a casual garment, as well as golf, yoga and walking. The Multiflex fabric is brilliant and a very flattering fit.
Microgrid Top. It’s comfortable, light, washes well and wears well. Can be worn any time, any place, any where. It’s the garment you take when you’re not sure what the weather is going to do and when you can’t make your mind up what to put on.
Cool and Cold Socks. Standing at work for 71/2 hours is a real test for the comfort and durability of a pair of socks. They are like comfort soles! I wear mine all year round. Love them.

All time favourite.  TPlus Split Sleeve. Great casual top. Very non iron, can be worn all year round – out to lunch or up on the high fells walking. A week rarely passes without me wearing one. They go on forever.

christeenChristeen’s Current Favourites

Microgrid. This is one of my favourites and one of the company’s best sellers. It looks good. Feels nice, washes well, and above all – there are always plenty of colours to choose from. Its a garment I use every day in the Winter months but will still be close to hand for chilly summer evenings.
Shimmer Shirt. I have about 5 of these altogether says it all really!. I love them because they have a feminine cut but are still practical and you don’t need to iron them. Perfect
Travel Jeans. I finally gave in and tried on the Rohan Jeans and they are lovely. They are a great style and cut with plenty of security pockets. The best thing is that they dry much quicker than my ‘ordinary’ jeans

All Time Favourite. Windshadow Jacket. I am slightly ashamed that I can wear this jacket for just about everything – from walking the hills to going to the pub. Its ultra lightweight, packs down into a tiny pocket and best of all its water repellent. Its definitely my all time favourite.

leeLeeanne’s Current Favourites

Striders. So comfortable to wear, smart, warm, great stretch to.You can get three seasons of wear out of them, which is always a bonus for one pair of trousers. Great wind resistance and they “ bead” a shower very well, quick drying and are versatile. Uses: Fell walking, golfing, skiing and I even use mine walking the dog along the coast.
Shimmer Shirt .Very lightweight, smart shirt comfortable to wear, can be worn dressed up or down. Fitted shape. Elastane for stretch. Non–iron. Cool to wear. A great travel shirt for your wardrobe, washes and dries in a flash.Uses: Work, travel or even walking. I wouldn’t be without one in my wardrobe so versatile.
Microgrid Top. Such an easy piece of clothing to wear-non iron, very packable, dries super fast and very warm for its weight. Can be worn next to the skin or as part of your layering system for year round use. Why would I tell customers to buy Rohan? As I tell them “it does what it says on the tin”. Its made to last and in our throw away society its nice to find something that lasts’

All Time Favourite. Cityscape Jacket. Its my all year round jacket. It goes everywhere with me and doesn’t look like a waterproof. Smart to wear, need I say more!

kenKen’s Current Favourites

Goa Jacket. The most useful jacket I have ever owned. Excellent for both walking and travel as its nearly impossible to overheat in this garment, the DMC works a treat and because its not totally windproof the breath ability is second to none. The best thing for me is that it can be washed and dried in a day and still looks good without ironing, which is a must for me and also the Rohan Packpocket is a very useful way of storage when space is at a premium.
Trunks. Perfect for travel, holidays or everyday use, they wash and dry in no time at all and they never lose their shape . For the more active person these trunks give the support and will help keep you dry on the fells.
Core T’s. The Core T was very nearly my favourite piece of Rohan clothing as it can be used as part of a layer system or, as I prefer can be worn as a normal T-shirt. The sunguard rating is a great feature when traveling through hotter climates and the DMC works very well to keep you feeling fresh all day, washing is as easy as the trunks and for a technical garment of this type the Core T is definitely value for money.

All Time Favourite. No 1 Walkabout Shirt L/S. This is my favourite all time piece of Rohan clothing. From the moment I put it on I was hooked and managed to acquire another 6 before they where replaced by the equally good Walkers shirt. I wear mine most days outside work and the fact that they are technical walking shirt makes them an ideal garment for fell walkers and travellers. The hidden pocket is a great feature and as usual the drying time is great, all in all a great piece of clothing.

neilNeil’s Current Favourites

Ultimate Cargos. The best lightweight walking trousers I have ever used.
Great fit, and perfect performance. I was initially sceptical about the ability of the map size pocket to perform without restricting movement of being uncomfortable. These fears have proved unfounded. All the usual attributes of Rohan trousers apply to the Cargos which I think will become a really design classic.
Expedition Shirt L/S. A classic design coupled with great technology very versatile
Core Zip L/S An ideal year round base layer. All the features needed on a base layer without any unnecessary clutter. Great performance at a fantastic price.

All time favourite. ‘2005’ Superstriders The best cool/cold walking trouser ever. They offer suburb freedom of movement and are very quick drying for their weight and are packed with useful features I have used them extensively on the Lakeland Fells, Scottish Munroe’s and during one memorable trip on the French Alps, as perfect snowshoeing and apri-ski trousers.

victoria1Victoria’s Current Favourites
When Ben asked me to come up with my 3 favourite current pieces of Rohan kit. I knew it was going to be a hard task. Why not 5 or even 10?
Goas. These are invaluable for my dog walking, especially down the beach. They are lightweight, wind resistant, breathable and most importantly incredibly quick drying. It can all get a bit messy with 5 dogs.
If I need them in a hurry, I hang them over my Aga and they are dry in 20 – 30 minutes, no kidding. I also use other pieces from the Goa range and they are brilliant.
Travel Linen Trousers. A piece of kit I have been wearing for years. Formal enough for my dog showing ion the summer or an evening out. Equally at home worn just with a t-shirt. They are so simple and versatile. All the benefit and look of linen without the creases – fab.
Assignment Jacket. A fantastic little utility jacket. Great apres showing and around the town. I love its retro styling. It looks like its going to weigh a ton but its so light and soft, yet tough. There is a pocket for everything – I don’t need a bag. I just have to remember what I have put where!

Victoria’s all time favourite. Striders. The most comfortable trousers in the world. A perfect 3 season item. I practically live in them come the cooler months. The fabric allows total freedom of movement and the tight weave just naturally repels and sharp showers. Great for walking and still smart enough to team up with a Shimmer Shirt for work.

Please share your all time favourite Rohan garment with us all.

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