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Keep warm when it’s cold. Keep warm when it’s wet.

Keeping warm in the British hills is a real challenge. In winter, it can get pretty cold – but it’s very rarely ‘arctic’ cold. Typically, the temperature’s hovering around zero – which means there’s always a lot of water around.

Melting snow is wet, sleety rain is wet, condensed sweat is wet. And, given that the key to keeping warm is trapping air – dry air – with your clothing, all these things can be bad news. If you’re not wearing the right gear.

The Rohan Inner Flame Jacket is designed for exactly these sorts of conditions – the kind of cold, damp, miserable, soul-destroying weather that us British walkers seem to relish!  Wear it any time a fleece isn’t quite warm enough; link it into a Rohan shell to make a fantastic skiing jacket; wear it around town on chilly days or stick it in your carry-on bag for winter city breaks. It’ll take all this – and much more. Buy the Rohan Inner Flame Jacket

Rohan Inner Flame Jacket

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