British Winter Hillwalking

British Winter Hillwalking

British Winter Hillwalking with Rohan

The demarcation between winter hillwalking and winter mountaineering is a lot more fuzzy than the line between hillwalking and rock climbing in summer. In icy conditions, a summer scramble is a winter route. A sneaky short cut may lead into an energy sapping wade through avalanche prone thigh-deep snow – and a simple navigational error can very quickly become a battle for survival.

In winter, you generally need to plan for the worst – and that starts with getting the right gear. The layering principle still holds true. The big difference is that no-nonsense reliability tend to move higher up the priority list than shaving every gram off every piece of your kit. In winter, Rohan gear really comes into its own – it offers functional protection without excess bulk and rugged durability at a reasonable weight.

Rohan Men’s Winter Hillwalking Kit

Rohan Women’s Winter Hillwalking Kit

Rohan Heritage

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