The Bags Price Index – Iconic Rohan Bags

Rohan bags mars bar price index

Rohan Bags – The original multi-functional outdoor trousers

Rohan Bags Price Index – We have been tracking the price of a pair of Rohan Bags for more than thirty years. It is getting increasingly difficult to find a consumer product that has been in continual production for any length of time, however in Rohan Bags we are fortunate to have such an item with a lineage stretching back over 35 years. Read more

The Rohan Bags Price Index starts in 1978 but we have been unable to determine the price of a pair of Bags for this year. Can anyone help?

A pair of Rohan Bags in 1979 was £19.00 and  this year 2014 the price of a pair of Rohan Bags is £57.00.

Bags price index 2014

UPDATE: We have had lots of feedback on the Bags Price Index with many stories on our first Rohan purchase. Not surprise Rohan Bags was number one first purchase for many. We thought we would ask the question on FacebookTwitter  and in the comments below:

What was your first item of Rohan Clothing and where did you buy it?

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  1. My first pair of Bags was my first Rohan purchase, made in the spring of 1986. The idea that a pair of trouses would fit into the space taken by a Coke can fascinated me.

    A second pair soon followed then several shirts, a Wild Vest and then a Pampas. I still have the Pampas.

    Rohan has been the mainstay of my wardrobe ever since and has served me well from Afghanistan to Zanzibar as well as several places in between.

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