What a Waste of Space!

what to pack

Not needed on route – Items you packed but wished you hadn’t

What have you packed in your rucksack, travel luggage and pockets for a trip that you ended up not needing?
If you have just returned from one of the classic walks, climbs, expeditions, trips, experiences, holidays in far flung lands or business trips – share your thoughts and tips with us please.

What are your travel essentials and importantly what was a waste of space and wished you had left it at home. Clothing, Footwear, Camera, iPad, iPod, Mobile Phone, MP3, Medical Kit & Toiletries and so on. This will help answer one of the most asked questions on Rohantime what to pack for my trip to….

Add your comments below, don’t forget to mention the trip so we know where you have been.

If you use the Rohantime Forum we have a thread running on the forum at the moment.

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