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Paul Howcroft the original Rohanist

Rohan remembers the original Rohanists Paul Howcroft

This post is to celebrate the life of Rohan’s Co Founder Paul Howcroft, who died on 14th June 1993.pfh1
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We hope in future years a post will appear on this day on Rohantime written by a different author each year.

Many Rohantime readers will have their own memories of Paul. Many more will have no memory of Paul Howcroft. For the former, please share your memories of Paul with us. It does no harm to learn a little more about the character of the man that made Rohan possible.

Paul Howcroft had a vision of a world that embraced the new and innovative.
He was an ordinary guy.
With an extraordinary drive and vision.

Preferring to challenge the conventions of his time and find solutions to make the new and innovative possible.  Often laughed at, often doubted, often dismissed, sometimes wrong but never swayed from his vision.  Time has shown us that he was indeed a man that knew no compromise.

From a standing start at the age of 20 he took the outdoor world and shook it. He challenged the establishment of that world and in the end triumphed. paul howcroft

Had he lived, he would have seen his legacy adopted as accepted best practice in the outdoor clothing world. He would have said ‘I told you so’.

Rohan, in the early years, was to Paul a reflection of himself. The triumphs and the disasters where those of the man. Driving him forward to prove that we can all make a world that embraces the new and innovative.

Paul you were right the world does change if you believe and push hard.

Sarah & Caius Howcroft

(The top picture of Paul was taken by John Cleare for the 1978 Rohan Catalogue, opposite Paul on a trip to Iceland,  with a number of outdoor journalists and friends in the early 1980’s.)

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