Can we improve transport in Britain?

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How Can We Improve Transport in Britain? – Enter the Challenge

These are the latest question being raised by GeoVation and Ordnance Survey. GeoVation is Ordnance Survey’s innovation network which seeks to encourage the use of geography to address specific needs. GeoVation is initiated, funded and managed by Ordnance Survey. Through its GeoVation initiative Ordnance Survey will encourage open collaboration in addressing communities’ needs where geography is a key enabler. Through open innovation, data, tools and information can be combined to create new ventures which generate social and environmental value.

Geovation is open to all, for the benefit of all, using all geography.
The previous challenge was How Can Britain Feed Itself?

How Can We Improve Transport in Britain? – how you can improve getting from A to B? We all travel and we are all transport users. Travel and transport are key to businesses and central to our way of life. But many aspects of transportation clearly have significant environmental, social and economic impacts. As users, what innovative ideas, using geographic information and other technology, can we suggest that helps reduce those impacts, changes our behaviour, and improves the overall experience? – that’s the GeoVation Challenge! Enter your idea for a chance to win a slice of £150,000 funding to get started.

So whether you walk, pedal, drive, fly or sail! if you haven’t already entered, hurry and get your ideas posted, the closing date is 11 February at 12 noon.

Check out some of the ideas and discussions that have been posted on the GeoVation website:

Bus route-specific city guides for iPhone/iPod
User-generated bus and microbus routes
Unclogging roads
Use whats already there
Suspended Monorail

Watch the video and if you have an idea, enter the GeoVation Challenge for a chance to win a slice of £150,000 in funding to get you started.

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