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This last month I was lucky to travel far away on holiday and a few things struck me.
I always wear my Rohan Globetrotter Jacket on my travels, reasons
1.  Possibility of an upgrade
2.  I always carry all the family passports, zipped and secure
3.  I feel better smartly dressed, we are representing our country abroad, and we are not all happy to wear the name Rooney on our backs.
In addition I always prepare for a long haul flight the same way.  I always travel with an inflatable travel pillow, no stiff neck on arrival!  I always wear flight socks, to ward away the dreaded d.v.t. yet no one else on the flight that I talked to seemed the slightest bit concerned – obviously no longer part of the 24 hour news cycle.  I always carry eye drops as those long flights make your eyes drier than a table tennis ball.  And I always take some rehydration sachets to counter the effects of jet lag as well as keeping hydrated. I just wondered if anyone else had some bright ideas that they always did to keep fit and healthy on long haul flights?
Anecdote from the return flight;we weighed in our four bags for the flight home and the guy at the desk could not believe it as we had only used 32 of our allocated 80 kilos baggage allowance – more souvenirs next time!
Lightweight travel is the only way to travel.
Anyway it is back to work now and we have had some wonderful weather of late, but please remember to protect from that sun!

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