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Welcome to Rohan Beverley from Manager – Dobra and Matt, Ann, Loren, Sally, Jane and Charlotte.

Shop address: 26 Butcher Row, Beverley HU17 0AB

Shop Telephone Number: 01482 880205

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Monday 09:30-17:30
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Rohan Beverley

Beverley is the county town of the East Riding of Yorkshire, located 8 miles north-west of Hull, 10 miles east of Market Weighton and 12 miles west of Hornsea.

The town is around 1,300 years old, so there are plenty of historic buildings the most notable being Beverley Minster. This is the main landmark in the town. Founded early in the 8th century, although damage caused during the Viking invasions and the Norman Conquest means that the present building only dates back to 1220. Today, it’s one of the finest examples of a Gothic church of cathedral size in Europe. St. Mary’s Church, which was initially a chapel of ease for the town’s residents. Inside the church is a carving of the ‘Jolly rabbit’, which is said to have been the inspiration for the white rabbit in Lewis Carol’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

Today, tucked away down these narrow streets are antique shops and craft arcades, and on every other corner is a pub full of history and atmosphere. And market day is as lively and colourful.Throughout each year there are various annual music festivals in the town, catering to different kinds of music. This includes; the Early Music Festival in May, the Beverley Folk Festival in June which features two days of folk music, comedy and workshops, the Jazz Festival in August, followed by the Chamber Music Festival in September.

Beverley hosts an annual Literature Festival, Kite Festival and a biannual puppet festival. In terms of sport, the most noted field of participation is horse racing with the Beverley Racecourse. The sport has a long history in Beverley, with evidence of a permanent race track reaching back as far as 1690, while its first grandstand was built in 1767.

Local Knowledge: Beverley is full to the brim with great places to eat and some fantastic pubs to many to mention.  A couple to watch out for on Butchers Row near the Rohan Shop are Dine On The Rowe they have some interesting food and events including posh pie and peas nights and sun sea sand and paella and Andersons of Beverley Victorian Tearoom. Tourist information is also on Butchers Row, very handy.


  1. Just got back from Saas Fee, Switzerland .Fab week and great snow. My new Pinnacle Jacket combined with a Shivling Jacket performed brilliantly whilst downhill skiing and snow shoeing. Can’t wait to go back!
    Jane at Rohan, Beverley

  2. The weather is set to get colder, so come in and get your bargains, especially on the Escapist jacket, a great price £185 down to £92.50, team it up with a Headland fleece £75 down to £45 and you will keep toasty warm all winter!
    Sally@Rohan Beverley

  3. Hi
    Its turned much colder today ,we still have some great offers on to keep you warm ,call in or call us and if we do not have your size we will try our best to source an item for you
    Ann Rohan Beverley

  4. The weather may still be cold and wet, but that is a perfect moment to visit our store and buy a great waterproof at a SALE price!


    Dobra @ Rohan Beverley

  5. Hi
    we still have a great sale on in Beverley lots of great offers call us on 01482880205 so we can check an item for you before you set out, and we can check stock levels and order an item for you if we do not have your size
    see you soon

  6. It’s nearly that time of year again, the Rohan Sale starts on December 27th.

    Here in Beverley we will be closing early on Christmas Eve to get everything ready and then we’ll open at 9am on Saturday for the Sale!

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  7. The weather is getting colder so make the most of our winter warmer items with 20% off until the 1st December. Plenty of choice to keep you snug and warm. Great bargains for all!!.

  8. We have 20% off selected winter warmers here at Rohan Beverley until 1st December.

    With the days starting to get colder it’s a great time to pick up some warmer layers.

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  9. Its much colder today frost on the cars this morning ,we have 20% off selected winter warmers running until December 1st to keep you warm and toasty ,do come in for a look and chat about the best products for you

  10. Here at Rohan Beverley the great outdoors is getting darker and (slightly) colder. For such an occasion we have a great range of jumpers, all fleece for great warmth and longevity. Our new printed range, the mens Finnic Crew and the women’s Finnic Cardi, have been storming out of our stores over the last few weeks, so you may have to come in sooner rather than later to see these great new pieces before they are gone!

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  11. You may have seen articles on RohanTime about the filming of Helvellyn with Mark Richards, the good news is the film is out now and available here at Rohan Beverley.

    It’s a must watch for anyone who likes to visit the area as well as a great Christmas present for any walkers.

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  12. Well it’s very soggy weather out there today, and it looks like it’s set in for the next few days.

    But do not worry, we have plenty of waterproofs to go around, men’s and ladies and with plenty of different styles, you wont be stuck for choice!

    Why not pop by and purchase a whole new weather proof system for yourself!

    Hope to see you soon!

  13. Hi, the weather is turning, Autumn is here!!,but colder days don’t have to mean so many clothes on that you can’t move!! Come and see us and try on a Nightfall jacket, so very light and filled with goose down so you will feel warm and snug all day long, you won’t want to take it off!

  14. Hi everybody
    much colder today ready for bonfire night tomorrow ,do come in to see our range of winter warmers perfect for watching the fireworks round the bonfire
    keep warm

  15. ann(Rohan Beverley ) says:

    come in to see our mid season sale ,we have some great offers on,ends sunday 26th october
    dont miss out pop in today

  16. Loren (Rohan Beverley ) says:

    Well with the weather set to turn wet and windy, maybe even a little bit wild, make sure your water tight for the change in weather with our fantastic waterproof garments.

    We still have our mid season sale on at the moment, with some fantastic offers on both men’s and women’s waterproof coats and trousers (for people who don’t do waterproof trousers).

    Pop in and take a look, we look forward to seeing you!

  17. Matt (Rohan Beverley ) says:

    Here at Rohan Beverley we still have our sale on and there are some great prices throughout the store.

    The sale ends on October 26th so don’t miss out and come down to Rohan Beverley today.

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  18. Adam (Rohan Beverley ) says:

    Rohan Beverley may have been engulfed in rain and gloom, but we are not letting that dampen our spirits, largely due to the wonderful waterproofs we stock. Even in winter you do not need to be weighed down by heavy jackets.

    For the ultimate in winter lightness come and see our Merino tops, Microgrid fleece and Elite jackets, each very light but great together for late Autumn days.

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  19. Adam (Rohan Beverley ) says:

    The sky may be darkening in Beverley, but that does not mean it has to be dull! Here at Rohan Beverley we have a range of lovely bright colours for Autumn and Winter. Reds, gold and oranges are some of the colours for the men, and light yellow, turquoise and pink amongst others for the ladies. Come instore to check them out.

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  20. Sally (Rohan Beverley ) says:

    The weather is turning!! It will soon be time to renew your wardrobe. We have a fantastic range of sweatshirts and jumpers in great colours. My favourite is the new Boundary jumper in two colours, and of course the Microgrid zip in five colours, the newest being Charred Black Marl. So come on, treat yourself, you know you’re worth it!!

  21. Matt (Rohan Beverley ) says:

    Gift Your Gear has been extended until Sunday 5th so you still have time to donate.

    Just drop off any of your unwanted outdoor gear into us at Rohan Beverley and recieve 15% off on the day.

    Every donation helps! Keep an eye on RohanTime to see some great stories from the organisations that GIFT YOUR GEAR supports.

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  22. Loren (Rohan Beverley ) says:

    Lets not forget guys that Gift Your Gear is still on, having been extended to the 5th of October!

    Why not bag a few bargains while you still can and bring in old but useable outdoor wear to recieve your 15% off!

    See you all soon!!

  23. Adam (Rohan Beverley ) says:

    Thanks to everyone who has donated to Gift Your Gear at Rohan Beverley. The outdoor gear you donate will make a real difference to the community organisations, youth groups and charities who receive it. The big news is that the offer of 15% discount for donating an item is running for an extra week, finishing now on the 5th October. So there is even more time to take advantage of discounted winter clothes while doing a good deed!

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

    Gift Your Gear – Donate your unwanted outdoor gear

  24. Matt (Rohan Beverley ) says:

    Have you had chance to see our new range of down coats and vests yet?

    Great for keeping warm throughout winter but don’t wait too long before getting one as they are always a top seller!

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  25. Loren (Rohan Beverley ) says:

    Don’t forget peeps that Gift Your Gear is on for the whole of September!

    Donate your unwanted outdoor clothing during the month of September, that’s all outdoor clothing, rucksacks and includes children’s clothing regardless of brand and receive 15% off any full price purchase made on the same day. Offer ends 30th September 2014.

    Come on in this weekend and Gift Your Gear

    Gift Your Gear – Donate your unwanted outdoor gear

  26. Sally (Rohan Beverley ) says:

    Today (Monday), is the last day to get 30% off microgrid zip stowaways, so hurry in and get a bargain, but if it’s a jacket you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with our new Downton Jackets for men, filled with goose down, but extremely light, and if you donate an item of outdoor clothing you no longer need to Gift Your Gear, that’s all outdoor clothing, rucksacks and includes children’s clothing regardless of brand you receive 15% off any full price purchase made on the same day – what a bargain!

    Gift Your Gear – Donate your unwanted outdoor gear

  27. Sally (Rohan Beverley ) says:

    Gift Your Gear is in full swing here at Rohan Beverley. Lots of generous donations have already been made, and many a 15% discount claimed!

    We will take your unwanted outdoor clothing during the month of September, that’s all outdoor clothing, rucksacks and includes children’s clothing regardless of brand

    Details of the Gift Your Gear can be found here:

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  28. Adam (Rohan Beverley ) says:

    Here at Rohan Beverley we are enjoying the new catalogue, and having this great range instore. Early bestsellers have been the Carrig Crew for men and women, a lovely roundneck jumper that is so nice that I can be seen wearing mine instore!



    For this and other lovely new items, come into store today.

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  29. Matt (Rohan Beverley ) says:

    Gift Your Gear is back for September and we are giving you the chance to get 15% off in store when your donate some of your unwanted outdoor gear.

    With the new range now in stores it’s the perfect time to dig out any of those jackets, fleeces or trousers that you no longer wear.

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  30. Sally(Rohan Beverley ) says:

    Lots of great new clothes and accessories arriving in store, make the most of the voucher booklet for last minute savings. Offers end this Sunday, so come and save some money, you know you want to!

  31. Adam (Rohan Beverley ) says:

    Here at Rohan Beverley a warm week is in the offing, so its a good job we keep warm weather gear all year around! Check out our Escapers, Trailblazers, Fusions, or fan favourite the Bags, and for the top half our Wayfarer shirts, Element T’s and Stria Polos lead the charge.

    Make the most of the warmer weather, and feel free to come in and have a chat with us while you are at it!

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  32. Matt (Rohan Beverley ) says:

    Thanks to everyone from the #BTPosse who visited the Rohan Beverley store on Saturday, I think we now hold the unofficial record for the most dogs in a Rohan store.

    We had some great feedback on our range of RuffWear.

    Check out the Rohan Facebook page to see some photos from the day.

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  33. Matt (Rohan Beverley ) says:

    We now have the the mens and ladies Downtown jacket/coat in store.

    These alway sell out quickly so make sure you don’t miss out and try one on today at Rohan Beverley!

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  34. Loren (Rohan Beverley ) says:

    Well this morning in Rohan Beverley we have recieved a fair few new waterproof coats, to keep all of you lovely customers dry!

    For the Ladies we have our new Globetrotter mac, Countrywide Jacket and our Pinnacle Jakcet.

    And for the Gents we also have our Countrywide Jacket and Pinnacle. We also have our Crossboarder Coat, which is a longer length version of our Crossboarder jacket, great for about town with its DWR showerproof coating.

    And laslty we now also have a full range of our Merino Tops for mens and ladies, in some groovy colours!

    Why not drop by or give us a call on 01482 880205!

  35. Sally(Rohan Beverley ) says:

    Well the summer is as predictable as ever, but don’t get caught out in the rain, our Elite jackets are both waterproof and lightweight, and saving the best for last, there is £50 off both mens and ladies at the moment, so don’t miss out on a bargain, pop in and say hello!

  36. ann(Rohan Beverley ) says:

    Hi everybody
    New season has arrived ,great colours this year, Hull city tigers fans come in and see the new microgrid in golden marl ,wear the cool silver t underneath and you have the perfect outfit for watching football in the matching colours,
    see you soon

  37. Matt (Rohan Beverley ) says:

    Lots of new arrivals in the Rohan Beverley store this week. We now have the new colours of microgrids for both men and women!

    As well as having some great new colours we have also made some small improvments to the design based on the feedback we have had over the past year.

    Come in and see these and many more new items at Rohan Beverley.

    Rohan Beverley
    26 Butcher Row
    01482 880205

  38. New arrivals are coming in all the time, come in and see our great range. My favourites are the new colours of the Stria tops, they are gorgeous especially the Chilli Pepper.

  39. It’s that time again when our small town hosts the world famous Beverley Puppet Festival!

    Throughout the weekend there will be ticketed performances and free outdoor shows.

    Have a look at to see the timetable forthe weekend.

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  40. Lots of new stock in today at Rohan Beverley!

    For men we have new colours in the wayfarer shirt and element t as well as the new mountain leader jacket.

    For ladies we have the new stria polos and microgrids.

    Come into the store to see these new lines or the grab a bargin sale.

    Rohan Beverley
    26 Butcher Row

    01482 880205

  41. Well, the weather here in Beverley has taken a turn for the worse, and im sure to say it’s looking a bit grim out there.

    Why not pop by the store in the next week, to stock up on essential layering items, that you might need to keep you cosy and dry if the weather doesn’t buck up it’s ideas!

    Look forward to seeing you all!


  42. This weekend the town is full of everything folk related as the award winning Beverley Folk Festival returns.

    Last night Billy Brag headlined the main stage and today we have had a constant stream of morris dancers and other performers passing the store.

    We still have two more nights of the festival so have a look at to see what all the fuss is about.

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  43. The sun is finally shining here in Beverley, so why not pop in and take a look at our extensive range of summer clothing? such as the ladies Sundown Shirt and the mens Equator Shirt.

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  44. ann ( Rohan Beverley ) says:

    Hopefully the weather is getting warmer and we will all be going for those walks we keep meaning to do , do call in and look at our lightweight trousers ,base items and microgrids perfect for walking in and dont forget the waterproof …just in case

  45. Sally(Rohan Beverley) says:

    The rain looks set in for the foreseeable future!, but it isn’t really cold, just the weather for treating yourself to an Elite jacket, fully waterproof but very light as well. Come and see for yourself, you’ll be amazed!.

  46. Tom (Rohan Beverley) says:

    Despite the recent bad weather here in Beverley, our Summer Essentials promotion is in full swing! With 20% off selected lines of summer clothing, there hasn’t been a better time to stock up for the summer!

    So why not pop into the Rohan Beverley store and take a look at what we’ve got on offer!

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  47. ann (rohan beverley) says:

    Hi everyone
    Dont forget to pop into Rohan tomorrow thursday 29th ,we have 20% off summer essentials for when the sun has got his hat on again.

  48. Adam (Rohan Beverley) says:

    Here in Beverley the rain continues to fall, but it is warm, and so is the perefct weather for our Windshadow jacket. It’s windproof and water-repellant, easily dealing with the wet urban conditions I find myself in. As it is very light, it is cool and easy to wear when going out in more humid and warm conditions.

    It has been an essential item in my wardrobe for many summers! Feel free to come in and shelter from the elements when passing our store, and you can check out this seasons colours while you are here.

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  49. Loren (Rohan Beverley) says:

    Well the wet weather has reared it’s ugly head again!

    Pop in store to see our range of waterproofs, all with a 5yr waterproof guarantee!

  50. Sally (Rohan Beverley) says:

    Has summer arrived at last, come and see our great range of shirts and t shirts to help you feel cooler. Caps have just arrived in too, keep safe and keep the sun off!

  51. Cameron (Rohan Beverley) says:

    Seeing as the weather is starting to warm up a bit, why not dress for the occasion with a pair of our shorts.

    For the women we have the Crossover Shorts. With a relaxed and comfortable fit they are great for walking, trekking and travel.

    For the men I would reccommend the Rangefinder Shorts. Hard wearing, lightweight and wind resistant, they are perfect for the outdoor enthusiast.

    We look forward to seeing you!

  52. Matt (Rohan Beverley) says:

    We are now an official stockist of Ruff Wear performance dog gear!

    Your dog will no longer feel left out when you add new items to your Rohan collection as they too can get some high performance hard wearing gear.

    Thanks to all our dog loving customers we have been one of four Rohan stores to have this range so come and check it out at Rohan Beverley.

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  53. Tom (Rohan Beverley) says:

    Congratulations to Rohan Beverley’s own Matt and Cameron who both took part in the Beverley 10K race at the weekend. Matt himself was wearing a Core Silver T-Shirt from many a year ago, proving just how long-lasting Rohan clothing truly is!

    Whether you plan on running a marathon or not, why not pop in store and take a look at the large range of summer clothing that we have available, from new lines such as the ladies Sundown Top to all-time favourites such as our mens Element T-Shirt.

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  54. Loren (Rohan Beverley) says:

    Our new ‘world proof’ catalogue should have arrived on our doorsteps by now! In the mailer it shows how our products are so versatile, using our clothes around town or on the hill, wherever our clothes are worn, they always perform!

    If you don’t receive our mailings and would like to hear about new offers and promotions, as well as new items that are added to our range, pop into your nearest shop to register!

    We look forward to seeing you soon!

  55. Adam (Rohan Beverley) says:

    Here at Rohan Beverley the clouds are looking rather threatening, and it looks like this will set in through the weekend. Fortunately we have a range of lightweight waterproofs perfect for warmer days that will keep you dry regardless of what the British summer can throw at it.

    We have the Elite Jacket, winner of Trail magazine’s Best Lightweight Waterproof of the Year twice in three years!



    You’ll need to see and feel it to believe it, so pop in while you are around and see what the fuss is all about.

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  56. Sally (Rohan Beverley) says:

    Just one more week for the mid season sale, ends Bank holiday Monday, still some great bargains to be had. The weather is set to get a bit cooler, so the Icepack vests and jackets are an ideal extra layer for warmth. Get yours now!

  57. Sally (Rohan Beverley) says:

    Summer is on it’s way and now is the time to get your new wardrobe! Men’s Aura shirts have arrived in store in three designs and are perfect for this time of year, match it with the new Aura jacket and you’ll be set up for the day!

  58. Tom (Rohan Beverley) says:

    Why not pop into the Beverley store and take a look at the new range of colours in the womens Microgrid?

    Tom, Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  59. Cameron (Rohan Beverley) says:

    With the weather starting to warm up, it’s time to get back to all of the outdoor activities that we love.

    My pick would be the Men’s Outrider Shorts. With their stretch fabric, forward pitch cut and durable water repellancy finish, they’re the perfect item of clothing for cycling.

  60. Loren (Rohan Beverley) says:

    Well it sure is warming up out there! We have had another delivery of summery goodies for all you lovely customers!

    For the men we have our fantastic Aura shirt, this made an appearance last year but sold out so quickly! This year it comes in 3 great colours, so hurry down quickly to get yours, as these are our lightest shirt, dry really quickly and they pack ever so small.

    For ladies we have the short sleeved sundown top, a brilliant lightweight summer shirt for when you want a smart / casual day. Dress this top up with a pair of smarter trousers such as our Tunis (linen) trousers, paired with the Tunis jacket, or dress it down for a casual about town look with a pair of our jeans. Either way this shirt is comfortable for summer in every occasion.

    Hope to see you soon to stock up on your summer wardrobe!

  61. ann( Rohan Beverley) says:

    Hi everyone
    Looks like warmer weather is on its way time to think about holidays pop in and see us we have lots of light packable clothes to tempt you, perfect for your suitcase .see you soon.

  62. Matt ( Rohan Beverley) says:

    We’ve had a great month of Gift Your Gear here at Rohan Beverley. Thank you to everyone who donated gear, it has now been sorted and will be on its way to support some local charities.

    Keep an eye on Rohantime to see more about where the gear goes and how it helps people gain access to the great outdoors.

    Thanks again from the Rohan Beverley team.

    Rohan Beverley
    26 Butcher Row
    01482 880205

  63. Sally ( Rohan Beverley) says:

    Days are cool at the moment. Why not come in and see the range of Coastline fleeces, 3 great colours to choose from, lovely and soft and warm. A fantastic addition to your wardrobe, you’ll want to buy all 3 colours!!!!

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  64. Tom ( Rohan Beverley) says:

    With summer threatening to actully be a sunny one, why not pop into the store and have a look at our extensive range of summer garments. Whether you’re after our packable, quick-drying Equator Shirt or the lightweight Thai Trousers,we’re sure to have something for all your summer needs.

    9.30 – 17.30 Monday-Saturday
    11.00 – 16.00 Sunday

    01482 880205

  65. Loren ( Rohan Beverley) says:

    Well seen as the weather can’t make its’ mind up what it wants to do, why not pop into our store and have a look at our fantastic range.

    Use our stria tops for ladies and our mens shirts to go under our fab range of microgrids or microribs, for a great layering system for this time of the year.

    pair them up with our jeans for a casual, about town look, or maybe try some ladies roamers, or mens escapers for an easy town to hill transition.

    We look forward to seeing you!

  66. Matt ( Rohan Beverley) says:

    You still have a few days left to Gift Your Gear at Rohan Beverley.

    Remember you can claim 15% off any full price items when you donate any old unwanted outdoor gear.

    We can accept both adult and childrens clothes, keep an eye on Rohantime to see how our local charities benifit from Gift Your Gear.

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  67. Cameron ( Rohan Beverley) says:

    With the weather unable to make its mind up, there’s no better preparation for the coming months than our Elite Jacket. As well as being highly breathable, it is our lightest 3 layer totally waterproof jacket. This makes it the perfect jacket for the weather to come.

    Come in store and try it on.

  68. Sally ( Rohan Beverley) says:

    Both sunshine and rain in Beverley, fortunately we hve our full range in stock for the spring at Rohan. We have a great range of wind and shower resistant jackets that cover a wide spectrum of conditions.

    Come and have a look at our new Aura Jacket, only 70g of protective jacket that disappears into a pocket when not in use. It’s perfect for this time of year!

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  69. Ann ( Rohan Beverley) says:

    Dont forget to “GIFT YOUR GEAR ” this month and receive your 15% discount on any full price item, we have had a great response so far with lots of Rohan and non Rohan clothes brought in for reuse, many thanks keep looking.

  70. Adam (Rohan Beverley) says:

    Here at Rohan Beverley we would like to thank our customers for their support of Gift Your Gear. We were featured in the Beverley Guardian on the 14th March, and have seen even more dontions as a result.

    If you have unwanted usable outdoor gear (of any brand) and would like it to get used in support of a range of charitable initiatives, please come down to the store to donate your goods. As a thank you for your good deed, we will even throw in a 15% discount on any purchase made on the day. This runs throughout the month of March.

    We look forward to seeing you!

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  71. Matt (Rohan Beverley) says:

    Thanks to everyone who has already donated to Gift Your Gear this month. Some great items have been handed over so far and plenty of discounts have been earned in store!

    Remember its 15% off when you donate any unwanted usable outdoor gear.

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  72. Loren (Rohan Beverley) says:

    Here at Rohan Beverley it has been foggy, sunny and chilly all at the same time, seemingly! Perfect conditions for one of our microgrids tops or jackets. Breathable, light and warm, they work great by themselves and under all manner of jackets and waterproofs.

    Come and check out our new colours in store.

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  73. Cameron (Rohan Beverley) says:

    Even more new season stock has arrived here at Rohan Beverley.

    My pick would be the Aura Jacket. Weighing in at only 70g for the ladies and 80g for the mens, this jacket is perfect for active outdoor use. It is extremely lightweight, breathable and packs away in to its own tiny Packpocket.

    Come by and give it a go!

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  74. Matt (Rohan Beverley) says:

    Here at Rohan Beverley we have lots of new styles in stock this season ranging from the brand new spark top to our classic bags trousers in new colours.

    Keep an eye on the post as the new catalogue should be arriving with you any day now.

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  75. Matt (Rohan Beverley) says:

    Today we start our “Winters End” offer in store at Rohan Beverley.

    Up to 40% off selected winter items and that includes the amazing nightfall jacket! With the recent cold weather the only question is which colour to go for?

    Come into store and see what other items are included in this amazing offer but don’t wait too long as they are sure to sell quickly!

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

  76. Matt (Rohan Beverley) says:

    Even more new stock arriving in Beverley this week!

    The new range of brasher shoes is looking great, check out the website for a quick look before trying them on in store.

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

    26 Butcher Row

  77. Loren (Rohan Beverley) says:

    We now have items from our new range in store at Rohan Beverley!

    Included in the new range are the excellent new colours of microgrids for both men and women.

    Come intoo store to see what some of the other great new lines today.

    Rohan Beverley
    01482 880205

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