Henley Plus plumbs new depths

Red Sea Diving

Just back from scuba diving in the Red Sea off The Sudan.

Andy in Rohan Henley PlusIn addition to my cube with normal travel kit of Rohan Ultra-Ts, pants, zip-off trouser, I popped in my new Henley Plus long-sleeved shirt in case it was cool in the evenings. No chance. In addition, the water was an unseasonable 31deg, so instead of diving in my 5mm wet suit I dived in the Henley Plus and trunks. The shirt performed superbly, being moderately wind-proof when wet, a bonus on the RIB after diving, and quick drying. The material was not damaged by the webbing of my SMB or weight belt. After washing is as good as new. Will now be a regular addition to my dive kit in the tropics.
Is this the first Rohan Henley Plus to have been to 40m and back every day for a fortnight?

Andy P


Rohan Heritage

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