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Rohan in St Andrews

Welcome to Rohan St. Andrews from Mel Walker (manager), Ewa (assistant manager), Brian, Jenna, Sarah, Jon and Sophie.

Shop address: 137 South Street St Andrews KY16 9UN

Opening times:

Monday 11:00-17:00
Tuesday 09:30-17:30
Wednesday 09:30-17:30
Thursday 09:30-17:30
Friday 09:30-17:30
Saturday 09:30-17:30
Sunday 12:00-17:00

Welcome to St Andrews is just north the Edinburgh and the Firth of Forth. It is known worldwide as the “home of golf”. The town is also home to the University of St Andrews, the third oldest university in the English-speaking world.

Shop Phone Number: 01334 472752

Directions to the shop – We are situated about half way along South Street (almost opposite Madras college). There is parking directly outside the shop (£1 per hour mon-sat & free on Sundays). The bus station and free car parks are a 5-10 minute walk from the shop.

Staff Recommendations – For coffee/breakfast try Con Panna or the Rule (South Street) or the Northpoint on North Street. For lunch we recommend Mitchell’s on Market street or if it is nice an al fresco bite from the kiosk at the east sands (possibly the best view in town?). For dinner the Nahm Jimm (Market street), Maisha (Crail’s lane) or of course Fish and Chips (they are all good).

Local Knowledge – Highly recommend are Tentsmuir Forest and Beach, a stunning forest and dune/beach walk anytime of the year. Plus a seal colony at the very northern most tip. Also the Fife fishing villages of Crail, Pittenweem and Anstruther are gems and sit on the Fife Coastal Path. Pittenweem hosts an art festival every August where artist’s houses become galleries for a week. Check out Within St Andrews the castle, cathedral and university buildings provide a stunning backdrop to the town and are worth exploring. If you are looking for a short, sheltered walk, the Lade Braes is a hidden treasure and perfect when the weather is “changeable”. Of course no trip to St Andrews would be complete without a walk on either the east or west sands – take your pick.

Simon Powis is an academic at the University of St Andrews and a keen landscape photographer. He shares some thoughts with us on Rohantime on an often overlooked aspect of his hobby.


Gift YOUR Gear it belongs outdoors


  1. Brian (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    Just to remind you that we are open over the Easter Weekend as follows:-

    Good Friday 18th April 09:30 – 17:30;
    Saturday 19th April 09:30 – 17:30;
    Easter Sunday 20th April 12:00 – 17:00;
    Monday 21st April 11:00 – 17:00

    Why not stop into the shop if you are visiting St. Andrews this weekend!

  2. James (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    What better time for the weather to start picking up than right before the Easter and May Bank Holiday weekends? And what better time to drop into us here at Rohan St Andrews to stock up on all the quality outdoor gear you’ll need to make the most of the warmer temperatures, longer evenings, and, most importantly, time off work over the next couple weekends?

    As a new employee (only in my second week!), I can say that I’ve been genuiney impressed by the quality of Rohan clothing. I even picked up a pair of Trailblazer trousers for myself last week and wore them for a walk along the coastal path from St Andrews to Anstruther on the glorious Monday just passed. Their breathability and comfort was excellent in the warm weather but they also offered great wind protection. I can’t wait to try them out on my trip to the Lake District in June!

  3. Kathryn (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    Big thank you to everyone who brought in their outdoor clothing for Gift Your Gear Thanks to those donations we had a really great collection and were able to send of three very full boxes last Monday.

    We currently don’t have any other offers on but we now have the complete spring and summer collection in so make sure you pop by to check everything out, especially if you are going on a trip soon. Rohan is your one stop shop for all things travel related. We can get you ready for everything; from a British hill walking holiday to a cruise around the Med. Rohan gear is always functional and this season we have given some pieces a nice and smart twist.

  4. Jenna (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    Gift Your Gear is in full swing! The award-winning nationwide initiative that provides outdoor clothing and equipment to UK community organisations, youth groups, and charities. And what lovely things we’ve been receiving, ready for their next adventure with young people outdoors. This is the last full week as Gift Your Gear will be ending Monday, 31st of March, so hurry up and get your useable but unwanted outdoor clothing (any brand, and we’re especially in need of children’s outdoor clothing) into the shop and enjoy 15% off any of our new stock. Don’t need anything new? You can still drop off your things to gift and have the satisfaction that you’re helping others.

  5. Brian (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    It is that time of the year again !

    Rohan is again supporting the Gift Your Gear initiative by the charity ROG (Recycle Outdoor Gear). We have already started to collect items that will be passed on to local groups and charities. Our customers in the past have really got on board with Gift Your Gear and enjoyed clearing a little bit of their wardrobe space to make way for some new items too. You have until March 31st if you would like to make a difference to someone by recycling your outdoor gear and at the same time enjoy a 15% discount on our lovely new range.

    P.S. It does not have to Rohan clothing we will accept any used (but still useable) Jackets fleeces or trousers.

  6. Kathryn (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    With the weather being typically confusing for March you might want to pop into store to look at our transition pieces. It’s the time of the year when we could have sun one minute and snow the next! So it’s important to not get caught out and be left with too little or sweating in your warmest winter jacket. Our new season pieces are perfect for this time of year.

    For the ultimate lightweight jacket look no further than the Aura Jacket, it weghts in at just 70 g and is completely wind resistant and offers a surprising amount of environmental protection for the size and weight. The best thing about the Aura is that it packs up to be smaller than the palm of your hand – taking up only 180 ml.

    If you want something to offer a bit more substantial than the Aura have a look at the Winshadow or Elite, or come in and we can get you prepared for the wonderful British Spring and Summer!

  7. Kathryn (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    My star buy of the week is the Nightfall Jacket! Having eyed it up since I started in store the Winter’s End promotion was just the push I needed to buy it. The warm down filling is surprisingly light and the pack-pocket means it can be folded up to a handy size for travelling. I really like the French Blue colour which makes it nice and smart, and the aqua lining gives it an unexpected flash of colour.
    Since buying the jacket I have lived in it! I always expected down filled jackets to be bulky but it’s really not- it’s comfortable to move around in and I’ve had no problem wearing it when driving either!
    I would really reccommend the Nightfall Jacket and with almost £100 off in the Winters End promotion, taking it to £147 now’s the time to buy!

  8. Mel (Manager) St. Andrews says:

    Troggings …..the most versatile and under-rated trousers in the whole world?

    Troggings are consistently one of our best selling trousers both in St. Andrews and across the company. They are a smart looking trouser in a polyester/elastane blend which makes them extremely comfortable to wear. Yet despite knowing the virtues of the humble and competitively priced (£57) trogging, even I was surprised at how versatile they can be. Starting the day with a muddy dog walk in the clothes I intended to wear to work wouldn’t have been very sensible however mud just wipes off the surface of the fabric so no problem, caught in rain over lunch time? no problem the durable water repellancy on the surface means the rain simply rolls off the trouser keeping you dry. Pilates after work? The hall was a little chilly – but no need to change as the troggings are soft and stretchy enough to excersise in. Pub after pilates? obviously not on a school night but believe it or not they look good enough to do that in too!

    Need further recommendation? Every member of the team in St. Andrews has (at least) a pair and they are perfect for this cold snap.

  9. Kathryn (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    I’ve just started in store and I’m ejoying getting to see the new season’s stock coming in. I particularly liked the new catalogue and was surprised to see Innsbruck, Austria featured. I was lucky to travel there last summer. If anyone goes there I would recommend going up the mountain- it’s amazing! You start by getting a train, then two cable cars before hiking up the last section to get to the top (of course you could hike up from any of the points). When you get to the top the view is amazing, you can see the whole city and surrounding country side. Use Rohan kit to layer up effectively to get you up the mountain! Looking forward to meeting more customers in the next few weeks.

  10. Mel (Manager) St. Andrews says:

    It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas….if you are lucky enough to be an organised individual with a stack of neatly wrapped pressies under the tree …I’m very jealous. For the rest of us there is still a super selection of gifts in store (even for the awkward people!), including some fantastic pieces from our new range (something they definitely won’t have/are unlikely to have seen). Still stumped …give a gift card …just in time for our Winter Sale.

  11. Jenna (Sales) St Andrews says:

    It’s the last day for our Winter Warmers sale! Come by the shop today so you don’t miss out on 20% off. For the ladies we have the icepack vest and jacket, cocoon coat, cocoon vest, and winter crossovers. For the gents, the icepack jacket and vest, backcountry shirt, and winter route trousers, winter jeans, and winter bags.

    Everything you or your loved ones might need to keep cosy this winter.

  12. Jenna (Sales) St Andrews says:

    Well, the weather has been gorgeous for the past few days but we’re back to our regularly scheduled winter today… cold and damp! The cold feels like it has much more of a bite when it’s damp out and what’s more, damp clothing transmits more heat away from your body.
    A great option for both ladies and gents are our Icepack Jackets or Icepacks Vests. They have a great Durable Water Repellency and are filled with Insuloft, a synthetic alternative to down that won’t lose its warmth the minute it gets wet. They are also both compatible with our Interchange system so when it’s really bucketing down, you can zip them in to your Rohan waterproof such as the Mountain Guide or Hilltop and really be warm and dry.

    And what’s even better – the Icepack Vest and Jacket are in our current 20% off select Winter Warmers sale! The jacket is down to £100 from £125, and the vest is £76 down from £96.

    Why not stop in and see what other winter warmers might catch your eye!

  13. Mel (manager) St Andrews says:

    Apparently it’s only 6 weeks, 40 days or (scary) 1 pay until Christmas! I know this because so many of our lovely Rohan customers have already been stocking up on pressies. Some of you have even finished all your shopping – yes really!

    So far the favourite Rohan gifts have been our lovely pathway, headland and boundary fleece ranges. A lovely gift sure to bring a smile and a touch of warmth to the recipient. If it’s stocking fillers you’re after we also have a really interesting range of must have accessories from the innovative Nite Ize s-biner (£2.50) to the classic leatherman wingman (£40). Looking for something really special? Our daybreak down coats and jackets are exceptionally light and warm and are incredibly versatile or, on every girls wish list this year will be a pair of our Ecco winter boots.

    Did you get that Santa?

  14. Brian (Sales) St Andrews says:

    I do not want to make you jealous but my wife and I are heading off to Florida and Texas for three weeks, visiting our son and his family for Thanksgiving (28th November). I will try to think of you in the cold whilst I hopefully enjoy some warmer weather.

    My wife and I are planning to be 90%+ Rohan clad for the duration, from Ultra Silver underwear, Core, Element and Essence T-shirts, Pacific Shirts, Fusion and Trailblazer trousers, Microgrid zip tops and jackets and we are also packing our Icepack Jackets as we hear Texas is going to be a lot cooler than normal next week, and it may well rain.

    Over the years we have found that we can get by with taking less and less Rohan clothing – this year we are taking four changes each, simply because we dont plan to wash things through every night.

    The good news is that all the clothes are so lightweight and packable that we can layer up as necessary and yet still have room in our suitcases to take presents and luxuries such as tea and biscuits, which are apparently unavailable in Dallas.

    No doubt we will feel the cold even more when we return in early December so perhaps we need to leave our Nightfall Down jackets in the car at the Airport for when we return.

  15. Sarah (Sales) St Andrews says:

    Brrrr – it really is getting colder now! We’ve had some lovely sunny days, but don’t be deceived – as soon as you step outside, you’ll freeze your socks off if you aren’t properly wrapped up!

    I personally am a huge fan of my Shivling fleece jacket: it keeps me incredibly warm indoors and out, day or night, and I just need to throw a lightweight waterproof over the top if it’s very windy or raining. It’s even comfortable enough to take a nap in if you need to recharge a bit! And if you’re starting to get the winter blues, never fear – the Shivling fleece comes in cheerful bright colours such as Cobalt, as well as the elegant Blackberry and Weathered Red.

  16. Brian (Sales) St Andrews says:

    Hury Hurry Hurry!

    It is the last few days of the Mid Season Clearance Sale (ends on Sunday 27th October).

    If you ladies can brave the weather you can still find reductions on the Cocoon Coat in Dark Fig, down from £185 to £148, Icepack Jacket in Rose down from £125 to £98, Ice Pack Vest in Midnight reduced from £95 to £75, Elite Jacket Black down from £225 to £180, Cascade Waterproof Coat down from £185 to £122.50 also many other items such as fleeces, trousers and accessories.

    The gentlemen should also get their skates on as we have many offers for them too.

    Envoy Jacket and Trousers in Ink reduced from £235 to £188 and £115 to £92 respectively, Black Elite Jacket from £225 to £180, Blue Escapist Jacket from £285 to £129.50, Icepack Jacket in Mahogany Red from £125 to £98, Icepack Vest in Ink from £95 to £75 we also have trousers, T-shirts and fleeces for the guys.

    For those who are organised amongst you we also have many smaller items that would make great stocking fillers, as dare I say this, Christmas is not that far away.

  17. Jenna (Sales) St Andrews says:

    We have numerous options in the sale to prepare you for the cold, damp conditions so typical of a British winter.

    A few of them are the Cocoon Coat in dark fig was £185, now £148, the Icepack Jacket (rose wine for the ladies, mahogany red for the gents) was £125, now £98, and the Icepack Vest (midnight for ladies, ink for gents) was £95, now £75.

    What do all these have in common? Insuloft! Insuloft is a high-spec wadding which offers amazing warmth to weight ratio, with very little bulk. Pound for pound it’s almost as effective as natural down, however, it doesn’t lose it’s warmth the minute it gets wet. All of our insuloft filled jackets and vests have durable water repellency, are easy to wash, and dry over night.

  18. Brian (Sales) St Andrews says:

    Well I hate to say I was right but it is getting colder !

    Just as well our mid season clearance sale is now on until Sunday 27th October, but be quick if you want a bargain. We have mens and womens waterproofs, cosy coats and jackets, fleeces, trousers and miscellaneous small items such as scarves, hats and gloves.

    Dare I say it some excellent stocking fillers?

  19. Jenna (Sales) St Andrews says:

    Many passports, bank cards, credit cards, and IDs these days contain RFID chips. These chips may help you quickly get on with your day, but they constantly emit radio transmissions which can be read and downloaded from up to 10ft away! Handheld RFID readers can be bought easily and cheaply online by anyone. Luckily, we are now carrying some of Pacsafe’s state-of-the-art RFID-blocking accessories! The ticket organiser, passport holder, and bi-fold wallet are all made with àward-winning RFIDsafe(TM) material to keep your data from getting in to unwanted hands.

  20. Brian (Sales) says:

    Don’t believe the current weather – it will get colder soon!

    It is the last few days (until Monday 7th October) of the 20% off selected fleece promotion.

    That means womens Pathway Cardigan is reduced from £70 to £56, womens Headland Zip Jumpers are reduced from £65 to £52 – we have all colours and sizes in stock now – you know it makes sense buy now even if you are putting some things by for presents later in the year.

    The men folk are not being overlooked either, with Headland Zip Jackets reduced from £75 to £60 and Headland Zip and Boundary Button Jumpers reduced from 68 to £54.40

    Great fleeces that look like jumpers and cardigans each and every one.

  21. Mel (Manager) St Andrews says:

    We’ve had a phenomenal response to the Gift Your Gear initiative that Rohan is currently supporting. To date we have collected 4 boxes of kit which will be shipping off to lucky beneficiaries very soon and we look forward to reading about the difference this will make to local groups and charities. Our customers have really got on board with Gift Your Gear and enjoyed clearing a little bit of wardrobe space to make way for some new items too. You have only a few more days if you would like to make a difference by recycling your outdoor gear and at the same time enjoy a 15% discount on our lovely new range.

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