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Welcome to Rohan St. Andrews from Ian (manager), Jenna (deputy manager), Kate, Gavin, Tanvi and Dylan.

Shop address: 137 South Street St Andrews KY16 9UN

Shop Phone Number: 01334 472752

Opening times:

Monday  09:30-17:30
Tuesday 09:30-17:30
Wednesday 09:30-17:00
Thursday 09:30-17:30
Friday 09:30-17:30
Saturday 09:30-17:30
Sunday 12:00-17:00

St Andrews is just north the Edinburgh and the Firth of Forth. It is known worldwide as the “home of golf”. The town is also home to the University of St Andrews, the third oldest university in the English-speaking world.

Directions to the shop – We are situated about half way along South Street (almost opposite Madras college). There is parking directly outside the shop (£1 per hour mon-sat & free on Sundays). The bus station and free car parks are a 5-10 minute walk from the shop.

Staff Recommendations – For coffee try Taste on North Street or The Cottage Kitchen on Logies Lane. Northpoint on North Street is great for breakfast or just a mid day snack. For lunch we recommend Mitchell’s on Market street or if it is nice weather an al fresco bite from the kiosk at the east sands (possibly the best view in town?). For dinner The Adamson (South Street), Maisha (Crail’s lane) or of course Fish and Chips (they are all good).

Local Knowledge – Highly recommend are Tentsmuir Forest and Beach, a stunning forest and dune/beach walk anytime of the year. Plus a seal colony at the very northern-most tip. Also the Fife fishing villages of Crail, Pittenweem and Anstruther are gems and sit on the Fife Coastal Path. Pittenweem hosts an art festival every August where artist’s houses become galleries for a week. Check out Within St Andrews the castle, cathedral and university buildings provide a stunning backdrop to the town and are worth exploring. If you are looking for a short, sheltered walk, the Lade Braes is a hidden treasure and perfect when the weather is “changeable”. Of course no trip to St Andrews would be complete without a walk on either the east or west sands.



  1. Sophie (sales) St. Andrews says:

    Having been back working with the Rohan team for a week, I’m back up to speed with the new Summer stock.

    I’m especially loving this year’s women’s Linen Plus range! Rohan’s linen is always great, but this year boasts some completely new products, including the Malay top, shirt, dress and jacket. These, added with the customer favourite Tunis range, make for a lovely Summer collection.

    Besides the beautiful designs, all of our Linen is crafted with travel and ease in mind. Using a linen/polyester blend, Rohan linen is highly crease resistant, meaning you don’t need to iron it everytime you sit down! It also breathes wonderfully, is lightweight and dries quickly.

    If gents are reading this thinking, ‘but what about us?’, good news! We have the very smart Maroc jacket and trousers – wear them together to make a Summer suit or mix and match – and the Zephyr shirt, which looks great with a pair of jeans.

    So if you’re headed somewhere hot or (like me) are hoping for a good Summer here in the UK, Linen Plus may well be the product for you.

  2. Rohan St. Andrews Team says:

    Last day of the Mid Season Sale tomorrow (Monday)! Still plenty of great offers left in the shop. Hope everyone has a great bank-Monday – we’ll be open our regular hours of 09:30-17:30.

  3. Rohan St. Andrews Team says:

    What gorgeous weather we’re having today! I know I’m not the only one who has underestimated the power of the sun as we’ve had customers in looking at and buying Pacer Capris and shorts, short sleeved Fenland Shirts, and the Malay linen dress.

    If you happen to be in town enjoying the day, do pop by the shop. And if you’re not looking to get more sun, we also have plenty of SPF 40 clothing to help protect you from it.

  4. Ian (Manager) St. Andrews says:

    Back from my holiday in Spain, where I’ve used my Rohan gear in ernest for the first time. The weather started off like a Scottish summer, i.e. bright and breezy, then we had a heat wave! I was wearing Trailblazers, Core Silver Tees, Microgrid Fleece, and a Windshadow Jacket. I also had an Elite Jacket and Overtrousers which fortunately weren’t needed but took up no space or weight in my pack. I have to say that the gear performed magnificiently! The tees kept me cool and dry and extremely comfortable, the trousers were great for hill walking and around the town and the windshadow jacket was hardly off my back all week. I can thoroughly recommend this gear for an active holiday or just for general travel.

  5. Jenna (Deputy Manager) St. Andrews says:

    A huge thank you to everyone who donated unwanted clothing to Gift Your Gear in March. Those who receive it will certainly be pleased.

    If you happen to be in St Andrews on this beautiful day, do pop in. We have some lovely new colours in for this season.

  6. Jenna (Deputy Manager) St. Andrews says:

    Gift Your Gear is here once again for the month of March!

    Have any unwanted outdoor gear hanging about the house? Bring it in to the shop and donate it for Gift Your Gear; we will pass it on to outdoor charities in need of it and you’ll receive 15% off any new purchase as a thanks from us. We accept items such as waterproofs, fleeces, outdoor trousers, insulated jackets, etc, and especially children’s outdoor gear.

    We look forward to seeing you!

  7. Dylan (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    ‘Winter’s End’ is the ambitious title of our latest offer, in stores now. There’s up to 40% off our winter products, so if you’ve always fancied the incredibly cosy Nightfall Jacket, the light-as-air Icepack Jacket or the fantastic Winter Bags then come along before Sunday and find yourself a bargain.

    There’s plenty on offer and while we hope you don’t need them, these products could be exactly what you need to fight back against the… changeable Scottish weather.

  8. Dylan (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    What light through yonder window breaks?

    Spring: it is the best of times, it is the worst of times. The first sunlight of the changing season brings with it new hopes and new plans for tomorrow, new colours and new life. Alas, the loss of our familiar grey overhead to spring brings with it just as many new challenges. The sun, as terrible as it is beautiful, burns our skin, just as the sweltering heat it brings makes us sweat and retreat to air conditioned sanctuary. This is of course not to mention the blight of the Scottish countryside – a plague of midges.

    Here at Rohan, comfortable as we are in the Icepack Jackets, endless fleeces and cosy Troggings which have served us so well over the past few months, we look to the needs of the future with a new season of products in store now. Take our ‘coolant’ technology, which will let you enjoy the sun and stay a crucial few degrees more comfortable. That’s not all, come along to Rohan St. Andrews to find out about our UPF protection clothing, our waterproof ‘Barricade’ jackets or our ‘Biteguard’ shirts and trousers, which give you one more weapon against the midge hordes.

    Fear no more the heat o’ the sun, nor the furious winter’s rages; Rohan is here.

  9. Dylan (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    From the day mankind left the cave and saw fire, we have been destined to explore and discover. From the moment we climbed that first hill in the breaking light of a new day, we have always asked ‘what’s next’? Never have we been halted by the seeming imposssiblity of the next frontier. There will always be doubt and there will always be challenges, but human history is one of perseverance. We struggle and falter, but always we rise and try again.

    The determination of the human spirit has conquered mountains and explored the depths of the oceans, it has crossed the world’s waters and discovered new lands. Finally, we have turned our gaze to the sky and reached upwards to touch the face of god.

    It is in our nature to seek the next challenge and look for the next adventure; travel is at the heart of humanity. With the Rohan sale continuing and further reductions now active, now is the perfect time to outfit yourself for that next adventure, look to the horizon and ask ‘what’s next’?

  10. Jenna (Deputy Manager) St. Andrews says:

    Furthers sale reductions today!

    Some amazing deals on items like:

    Men’s and Women’s Countrywide Jacket, Originally £225, Now £112.50

    Women’s Meridian Jacket, Originally £130, Now £49

    Men’s Action Bags, Originally £67, Now £33.50

    Do pop in, you’re sure to find something you love!

  11. Jenna (Deputy Manager) St. Andrews says:

    12% off all full-priced items ends today!

  12. St. Andrews Team says:

    Wishing you all Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

    Don’t forget our Big Sale starts at 9:00 am this Saturday (the 27th)! See you all then!

  13. Jenna (Deputy Manager) St. Andrews says:

    Changes in our opening hours for the festive period:

    Late opening this week:
    09:30-19:00 Thursday 18/12/14

    Christmas & New Years weeks:
    09:30-14:00 Wednesday 24/12/14
    Closed Thursday 25/12/14
    Closed Friday 26/12/14
    09:00-18:00 Saturday 27/12/14
    11:00-17:00 Sunday 28/12/14
    09:30-17:30 Monday 29/12/14
    09:30-17:30 Tuesday 30/12/14
    09:30-17:00 Wednesday 31/12/14
    Closed Thursday 01/01/15
    09:30-17:30 Friday 02/01/15

    Wishing everyone a great Holiday! Stay warm!

  14. Dylan (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    Oh St. Andrews, St. Andrews, wherefore art thou bleakly cold?

    Even with my hardy Scottish constitution, the penetrating chill of the winter months poses a challenge. Good fortune strikes, equipped as I am with Troggings – fleece lined and oh so comfortable – and Headland Jumper, easy care and ever so warm. Armoured so, the winter months change from the battle one would expect to a walk in the park, literally and metaphorically. Such – I have discovered – is the transformative power of Rohan: simple, innovative design makes a world of difference. From water-resistant down coats to light-as-air fleeces and surreptitiously waterproof trousers, Rohan St. Andrews has what you need to make your St. Andrews day, your Christmas and your Hogmanay easy and comfortable.

    The bitter St. Andrean winds of winter carry with them a question, and Rohan provides the answer.

  15. Jenna (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    Now in we have new colours of our wonderfully useful Pack cell/Light cell/Stowaway bags. I most certainly could’ve used them a few weeks ago when I was camping in Ireland for ten days! I was determined to fit everything in my Stravaig 28, but it certainly wasn’t orderly. No sooner did I dig socks out of the bottom of my bag, that I was looking for a base layer that had now shifted to the bottom… and seeing as a lot of my clothes are similar colours, they all blended together in the dark early morning.

    How useful the light cells would’ve been! A Light Cell 2 (2 litres) is perfectly suited for a few pairs of socks or maybe some small bits and pieces, and with the bright yellow or nice blue colours they’ll definitely stand out. The Light Cell 4 (at twice the size) could easily take a weeks worth of socks and underwear or several t-shirts, and the Light Cell 10 can handle a few pairs of trousers or even your hiking boots or shoes – and with the tough siliconised fabric, any dampness or mud will not easily transfer to other things. Lastly, the Pack Cells (in sizes 2, 5, 10, and 20) with their cylindrical shape, are ideal for shoving a fleece or a warm blanket in or even as a ‘dirty laundry’ bag. And the Stowaway Daybags are great for a trip in to town with perhaps a few water bottles and sandwiches, or even pack them in their own pocket and keep one with you for unexpected shopping.

    I’m certainly looking forward to my next, much more organised, trip!

  16. Tanvi (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    The wet, cold winter is coming our way.

    But do not fret, with our vast range of waterproofs, fleeces and trousers we can guarantee to make a smooth transition into yet another Scottish Winter.

    Get all layered up with our colourful range of microgrid jumpers and top them off with some of our warmest goosedown jackets in the downtown range; which are even water resistant!

    Our range includes many items with added warmth and decreased bulk, like our icepack jacket, which makes life great for travelling and packing away with our packpocket technologies. Added warmth for a shockingly small weight, looks great around town and perfect for hillwalking.

  17. Jenna (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    Not only is Gift Your Gear still on, it’s been extended! You now have until the 5th of October to bring in your useable outdoor gear and get 15% off any full-priced purchase.

  18. Kate (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    Hi there! I’m Kate, the newest St Andrews Rohan employee. The last few weeks have been a little mind boggling getting to know all about the technical features of every item of clothing in our Autumn/Winter Range. This years hydrophobic ‘Down Town’ coats strike me as a must have! You may be used to the problem with most down clothing, as soon as it gets damp it clogs together. But the down in our coats has a hydrophobic coating, this means it doesnt clog when damp and wont loose its warmth on a drizzly day. I’m not going to lie, this blew my mind.

  19. Jenna (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    It’s that wonderful time of year again! The award-winning nationwide initiative Gift Your Gear is back and we’re accepting donations of unwanted but still useable outdoor clothing and gear. The outdoor gear you donate will make a real difference to the community organisations, youth groups and charities who receive it, enabling others to benefit from life changing experiences in the great outdoors regardless of their circumstances. And as a bonus, when you donate your trousers, fleeces, jackets, etc; we’ll give you 15% off any full-priced purchase. So have a look in your wardrobes and attics and see what you can dig out, then come see our new Autumn/Winter range now in store.

    Gift Your Gear – Donate your unwanted outdoor gear

  20. Brian (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    Just arrived in store – lots of new styles and colours for our Autumn Winter ranges, and with the recent drop in temperature we might need the new icepack vests and jackets for men and women.

    The new Downtown Vest and Jacket are also superb with a 650+ fill of supersoft down.

    The ladies are catered for with a Downtown Coat and our Cocoon coats have been redisigned and look realy smart. If last year is anything to go by they will fly off the shelves so be quick to avoid disappontment.

  21. Ian (Manager) St. Andrews says:

    Great to have started working in Rohan St Andrews! Really looking forward to working with a brilliant brand.

    Thanks to all the team for making me feel so welcome.

  22. Sophie (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    Well, the Lammas Fair is well and truly in full swing here in St Andrews; we now have a full scale fun fair set up right outside our front door!

    However, now is a fantastic time to stop in as we have loads of new products and a lovely range of new Autumn/Winter colours in store. The brand new Mountain Leader in both Ladies and Gents is a great Jacket to keep you bone dry in the rather miserable weather we’ve been having the past few days. We also have brand new colours in favourites such as the microgrid Jacket and Zip in both Ladies and Gents. And the best news of all is that we’re taking 10% off any of our new season products!

    So, if you’re in St Andrews, get tired of the rides and want to escape the noise, come and take shelter with us here at Rohan! We promise it’s a lot quieter and warmer in here…

  23. Jenna (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    Diane Leigh will be here tomorrow (Friday) from 11am-3pm as she makes her way around Britain on her Little British Things Tour and sharing her stories with everyone. We’ll be holding a raffle to benefit RNLI so be sure to pop by!

  24. Sophie (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    We are very excited to be welcoming Diane Leigh to the St Andrews store on the 27th June. She is currently in the middle of her 80 day Little British Things Tour; Diane is wandering around the UK to find out what makes people British. She is stopping off at various Rohan shops along the way and will be with us this Friday, so pop in and say hello! Diane will be in store from 11-3, sharing stories of her tour so far; the people she’s met and the places she’s visited, surely all very interesting tales.

    The tour is raising money for the RNLI and we are helping her do it. We’ll be holding a £1 donation raffle (towards the charity) with some lovely ‘British’ prizes to be won!

    So stop in this Friday as it’s sure to be an interesting day here in St Andrews Rohan!

  25. Jenna (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    Well, I’m off to Sweden for a week of some real summer weather tomorrow! The forecast is showing 27*C and sunny all this week, a welcome change from the cool, grey and drizzley weather we’ve had here these past few days. And since I’m flying a well-known budget airline, you can bet I’m weighing up what I can bring in my carry-on.
    A couple Serene Tops were first on my list as they’ve become my favourite top to wear this summer. Made of predominantly Lyocell, from Eucalyptus trees, they naturally regulate one’s temperature, wick away moisture, and inhibit the growth of bacteria. With a drying time of 2 hours and weighing in at 115g each, they are absolutely ideal for my holiday.
    The Jeans Plus skirt is the best version of denim one could ask for, with a blend of cotton and Coolmax polyester, it’s only 330g, dries overnight, wicks moisture, and is super comfortable to wear when traveling and sight-seeing. It also has a clever hidden zipped pocket, perfect for stowing a credit card and a bit of cash.
    My trusty Microgrid Jacket (315g). The inside packpocket is perfect for keeping me from misplacing my passport, and the ingenius microgrid design is great for those cooler evenings….
    …and my Stravaig 28 rucksack to put everything in. Just the right size.
    With all my clothes for the entire week weighing less than a kilo, I’ll have plenty of space for gifts and goodies!

  26. James (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    The weather’s warming up and the evenings are getting longer, and what better time for a sale at Rohan?

    This week sees the start of our Summer essentials sale, netting you up to 20% off some of our best summer gear.

    For the ladies, our fantastic short sleeve Serene Tops are reduced to £26.40 from their usual £33, and you can pick up a pair Tunis Capris trousers to go with them for a reduced price of just £52. An outfit sure to keep you cool and comfortable during the warm summer evenings.

    As for the gentlemen, our Core Silver T’s, with built-in cooling technology, are reduced from £36 to £28.80, and if you’re feeling up for a bt of adventure, our Rangefinder shorts are reduced to just £49.60.

    Of course, these are just some of the deals available in our Summer Essentials sale, so drop into us here on South Street and see what takes your fancy! It’s the perfect time to prepare for your summer adventures.

  27. Brian (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    Today the sun is shining and at last it feels like Summer is here to stay.

    We have a very large range of mens shorts this year so somebody in our Design Team must have very good contacts in the Met Office long range forecast department.

    There are Fusion shorts in Indian Ink and Putty for a smart look – think Fusion trousers cut down!

    Maroc shorts in Desert and French Blue (Navy) are in our travel linen mix of 50% linen 45% polyester which are ideal for travel in hotter climes.

    Rangefinder shorts in Asphalt and Falcon are ideal if you like cargo style trousers. They have two zipped pockets on the legs, a further rear zipped pocket as well as two hand pockets so you can securely carry your ‘bits and bobs’.

    All of our shorts are easy care you can wash, hang to dry and wear the next day – who wants to take a travel iron?

    Laies don’t fret we have shorts for you too – Crossover shorts in Flint Blue and Driftwood – again think Crossover Trousers but shorter.We also have Pacer Capri’s in Saffron, Deepwater Blue and Driftwood, and Tunis Travel Linen Capri’s in Deert.

  28. Brian (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    Come into St. Andrews tomorow, and see the last parade by RAF personnel from the nearby base at Leuchars. The base transfers to the Army next year and thus the RAF ends an association with the town dating back almost 70 years.

    It is a gorgeous day today very bright and sunny, ideal for most of our lightweight Summer range. Sundown tops, Leeway and Worldview shirts, pacer capris and Thai trousers and skirts for the ladies.

    The gents are not overlooked either with Aura, Waypoint and Worldview short sleeve shirts, and several styles of shorts.

    For a smarter travel look for gents and ladies we have a wide range of our lightweight and crease resistant travel linen.

  29. Jenna (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    Well the lovely warm weather we’ve been having lately has been replaced with this bitter, cold, dampness. Luckily, for anyone stopping in during our Mid Season Sale, there are great deals to be had to keep you warm and cosy.

    The long-length Cocoon Coat is a steal at 50% off, £185 down to £92.50 right now. Plenty of Icepack Vests still left, 30% off at £66.50. If you’re wanting something in between there’s the Icepack Jacket, 40% off, £125 down to £75.

    But have no fear, the sun will be back soon enough… and then you’ll need to be kitted out with things for warmer weather! We also have some bright and summery clothes in the sale such as our Sanctuary Shirt for the ladies £48, down from £60, great for keeping the midgies at bay. For the gents we have the Waypoint Shirt, £44 down from £55, with sun protection of UPF40+ and anti-odour silver technology… and many more great items in our Spring/Summer collection this year.

    Hurry in as the Mid Season Sale will be over this Monday, the 5th of May. Also, our hours for this Bank Holiday Monday will be 11am-5pm, hours as usual for the rest of this weekend.

  30. Kathryn (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    Big thank you to everyone who brought in their outdoor clothing for Gift Your Gear Thanks to those donations we had a really great collection and were able to send of three very full boxes last Monday.

    We currently don’t have any other offers on but we now have the complete spring and summer collection in so make sure you pop by to check everything out, especially if you are going on a trip soon. Rohan is your one stop shop for all things travel related. We can get you ready for everything; from a British hill walking holiday to a cruise around the Med. Rohan gear is always functional and this season we have given some pieces a nice and smart twist.

  31. Brian (Sales) St. Andrews says:

    It is that time of the year again !

    Rohan is again supporting the Gift Your Gear initiative by the charity ROG (Recycle Outdoor Gear). We have already started to collect items that will be passed on to local groups and charities. Our customers in the past have really got on board with Gift Your Gear and enjoyed clearing a little bit of their wardrobe space to make way for some new items too. You have until March 31st if you would like to make a difference to someone by recycling your outdoor gear and at the same time enjoy a 15% discount on our lovely new range.

    P.S. It does not have to Rohan clothing we will accept any used (but still useable) Jackets fleeces or trousers.

  32. Mel (Manager) St. Andrews says:

    Troggings …..the most versatile and under-rated trousers in the whole world?

    Troggings are consistently one of our best selling trousers both in St. Andrews and across the company. They are a smart looking trouser in a polyester/elastane blend which makes them extremely comfortable to wear. Yet despite knowing the virtues of the humble and competitively priced (£57) trogging, even I was surprised at how versatile they can be. Starting the day with a muddy dog walk in the clothes I intended to wear to work wouldn’t have been very sensible however mud just wipes off the surface of the fabric so no problem, caught in rain over lunch time? no problem the durable water repellancy on the surface means the rain simply rolls off the trouser keeping you dry. Pilates after work? The hall was a little chilly – but no need to change as the troggings are soft and stretchy enough to excersise in. Pub after pilates? obviously not on a school night but believe it or not they look good enough to do that in too!

    Need further recommendation? Every member of the team in St. Andrews has (at least) a pair and they are perfect for this cold snap.

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