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summer soltice

Nothing marks the passage of time quite like the seasons. They are the backdrop to our lives.
They come and go and are noted by us with observations on how hot, cold, wet or dry it is.
Nothing wrong with that they make great talking points.
The passage of time, natures clock, passes unmarked by us. There are two big days in nature’s calendar, The Longest Day and The Shortest Day. We are fast approaching The Longest Day June 20-21.
Rohantime gives us an opportunity to share how we celebrate this Summer Solstice.

My story. Many years ago something happened almost by accident. Every Summer Solstice we undertook one of the great walks in the UK. In the very early years, this was accompanied with friends, small children and an assortment of dogs. Often taking camping kit to spend the night. It was a long time ago and wild camping was easier. These special days proved to be great opportunities to try out new Rohan prototypes and just talking about Rohanists favourite subject new Rohan garments. Pendle Hill Lancashire came first, Ingleborough, Pen-y ghent and many of  The Lakeland Tops followed. In fact it was on one of the early trips that the Rohan Pampas made its debut on the Yorkshire hills. This tradition I continue although the numbers have dropped over the years. An interesting fact I wore the same Pampas Jacket and Rohan Bags for the Summer Solstice celebrated at the Callanish Stones on the Isle of Lewis as I did for the same celebration on Helvellyn 20 years before. A great example of sustainability through longevity.
So that’s my story. How are you going to celebrate the day? Share your story on Rohantime.

I have found some really interesting events being run up and down the country on the longest day. If you have an interesting Summer Solstice event in your area that you wouldn’t mind us sharing please drop us a line in the comments below.

The RSPB Summer Solstice Guided walk, Powys
Summer Solstice Walk Kirklees
Summer Solstics walk and pinic Redbridge
Summer Solstice Walk Mid Wales

If you do see the sun rise on the summer solstice? Please share your pictures.

Sarah Howcroft

Rohan Heritage

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