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Top 50 The Peoples Choice Outdoor Innovations 50/50

Observations & Reflections:

Readers Choice Outdoor Innovations 50 50 has been very popular. There is no doubt there is a lot of interest in the history of outdoor gear. A small number of products in the Top 50 are over 50 years old, however they are obviously held in such high regard they have been included. Inclusion of much more recent products like the Gelert Sleeping Pod, Gelert Pop Up Tent, Super Noodles, Spork and the Wind up torch told us that outdoor gear for use during festival season and family camping is very important to a lot of us.

Nominations came from all over the world. North American nominations included some ground breaking products TNF Oval Intention – 1st geodesic dome tent 1975, Chouinards rigid crampons (1967) which transformed ice-climbing and Outdoor Research Crocs. European firm favourites included Helly Hansen – the original fleece, the fiberpile, was developed in 1961. The joint nominations for Fiberpile and Helly Hansen was impressive. A number of innovators succeeded in getting two or even three products in the Top 50. Mike Parsons – Karrimat and KSB, Hamish Hamilton – Vango Force 10 Tent and Buffalo Mountain Shirt (Pertex). The Howcrofts – Rohan Bags, Original Rohan Pampas and Rohan Olfio. Yvon Chouinard – Chouinards Rigid Crampons , Patagonia Snap T. Technology featured very heavily, Handheld GPS made it into the Top 10 as did the iPhone. It was good to see the affection products like Kendal Mint Cake and Wainwright Guides are held. Both with strong Lake District connections. A number of much newer products took their place in the Top 50 – LED Headtorch, Alpkit Figfour Dry Tool, Inov8 Rocklite boots and Vibram Five Fingers Sprint and others. Breathable waterproof fabrics held in great esteem with Goretex in the Top10. In the media world a special mention goes to Trail Magazine.

What product did I expect to get into the top 50 but didn’t? Mars Bar without a doubt but then again it was created in 1932.

One of the more unusual nominations was by the lady that nominated her husband to carry her rucksack.

Finally I would like to say a very big thank you to everybody who took part. We hope to have more profiles from the innovators responsible for the products on Rohantime soon.

Lets do it all again one day….

Sarah Howcroft


The Peoples Verdict

Trangia, Rohan Bags, Patagonia Snap T, Vango Force 10, Alpkit Figfour Dry Tool,  KSB, Handheld GPS, iPhone, Goretex, Wainwright Guides.

Buffalo Mountain Shirt (Pertex), Tilly Hat, Nikwax Tech-Wash, Gelert Sleeping Pod , Silva Compass, Montane Featherlite Smock, Vibram Five Fingers Sprint, Thermarest NeoAir, Jet Boil Stove, Katadyn.

LED Headtorch, Fox 40 Classic Pealess Whistle, Platypus Hydration System, Paramo Velez Smock, Kendal Mint Cake, Inov8 Rocklite Boots, Golite Pinacle Rucksack, Icebreaker Thermal Vests, Wild Country Friends, Leatherman Squirt.

Walking Poles, Helly Hansen Fibre Pile, Whillans Harness, Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiter, Vibram Soles, Wind Up Torch, Orange Poly Survival Bag, RAB Summit Jacket, Rohan Olfio, The North Face VE25 Expedition Tent.

Berghaus Yeti Gaiters, Gelert Popup Tent, Brasher Hillmaster Boots, TNF Oval Intention, Karrimat, Friends, Original Rohan Pampas, Plastic Mountaineering Boot, Chouinards Rigid Crampons, Titanium Cookwear.

Almost made it into the Top 50

Pacer Poles, Jardine’s Original Friends, Dynamic Kernmantle Rope (Edelrid), Teva Sandles, Spork, Super Noodles

Rohan Heritage

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