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There are five Rohan Original garments on display at Rohan Keswick, namely Striders, Pacer, Tundra, Action Jacket and Starkhorn. We have had very favorable comments so far, which encourages me to display more over the next few months – so watch this space, or better still come in to the shop to view them! If anyone has any Rohan Originals to loan or donate, please contact me either in the shop or by phone on 017687 74963.  I’m looking for Rohan garments (or catalogues ) pre. 1985 especially ‘Original Blue Label’ products.

On display now is the Original ‘Tundra’ Jacket which was manufactured between 1978-1980. Sarah Howcroft quotes “This garment was probably the first soft shell jacket, not bad over 25 years before the rest!” This was donated to me a few years ago by a good customer who happened to be in the store the other day – Mr. Dave Stalker, who true to form was dressed head to toe in Rohan.
Dave, who lives in Egremont and works at Sellafield, bought this garment in 1980 in Penrith and has been a huge Rohan fan ever since. He was enthusing about how good Rohan clothing is for his motorcycle trip. Having recently been traveling in Germany, he is always impressed how small Rohan gear packs down, needs no ironing and is hard wearing. Thank you Dave for donating your Original Rohan Tundra.

I would like to say a big thank you to two people who have helped me with the Rohan Originals (apart from Sarah Howcroft). Christeen and Neil from Rohan Keswick. Christeen the artistic one who framed the pieces and typed the wording from Sarah’s drafts and Neil (alias Jim), who is the practical one has put the frames up thanks to his joinery skills in his past life. So thanks guys – I would have struggled without your help as I’m neither artistic nor practical!

Ben Evans – Rohan Keswick

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