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Innov_ex Design Prize

The Innov_ex Design Prize 2011 is open for entries

Innov_ex 2011 will be held on 12-13th April 2011 at Lancaster University Management School. This annual prize was introduced in 2007 by the organisers of the Innovation for Extremes conference, Mike Parsons and Mary Rose and was sponsored by NWTexnet.

It is to encourage future innovators in the outdoor trade. The prize is £500 in cash plus a year’s business mentoring.

Entries are now open so it would be great to hear from potential entrants. Entering for this award brings the chance to meet specialists from across the outdoor industries and judges include leading gear editors and a past winner of the Dyson Design Prize. The conference and prize are sponsored by the Outdoor Industries Association

More about past winners of the Innov_ex Design Prize

How to enter the Innov_ex Innovation Design Prize

Mike Parsons The Innov_ex Design Prize 2011“Our book Invisible on Everest was dedicated to the next generation of designers so putting an actual prize award in place was the next step. What we have found really exciting has been the subsequent commercial and teaching successes of all past winners”. Mike Parsons


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