Rohan Luggage and Rucksack Range

Rohan Luggage

Sneak Preview – Rohan launch own luggage and rucksack range We are very excited to be able to tell you at last that Rohan is about to launch our very own range of luggage and rucksacks.

New Rohan Rucksack

This has been brewing for a while. Those of you with long memories may remember a small range of “Baggage” that we did about 10 years ago. Was it 10 years? Doesn’t time fly. For sure that kit is still going strong.
For sure, this new range is like that but ten years better and ten times bigger.
We will have trolley bags. Carry on bags. Innovative convertible bags. Daypacks. Mountain packs. Waterproof duffles that actually are waterproof rather than just look like they are. Wash bags. Organiser bags. City bags. Padded bags. Fold-away-into-their-own-pocket bags.

All of it original, bespoke, innovative design work.

All of it sprung from an insistence on world-class, high performance.

All of it built on a foundation of Rohan fabrics.

We’ve been up to our usual tricks, but this time in the fantastic field of technical, load carrying gear.
No run-of-the-mill fabrics with feeble finishes here. No “price point driven”, hungry for margin, cynical commodities. No mass market nonsense.
Just the kind of world-class, world-ready gear you need. And that you would expect from Rohan.
We’re proud of it. It’s going to have our name on it.


Watch out for our new luggage and rucksack range arriving in the shops and online towards the end of November.


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