Rohan Launch New Footwear Range

New Rohan Footwear Range

Thinking on your feet

We are finally able to take the wraps off an exciting project that we have been working on for most of the last year.

Our footwear range is to be completely revamped.

We have done this with our new partner. Our new best friends. Another great British brand. A footwear innovator. A business built, like ours, on a personal realisation that the status quo was rubbish and there had to be radical and innovative ways to improve it. The only supplier with the know-how and the ability to deliver everything from a serious mountain boot to a supremely comfortable everyday shoe. Can you guess who it is yet?

Our new footwear range is a partnership with brasher.

The range should be hitting the shops and web from the end of November. Maybe earlier with a following wind.

It will be a comprehensive collection of mountain and walking boots, multi-active footwear and everyday, all-day shoes too.

We even have what we think is the best performing and the best looking women’s city boot on the market.

All technically rich and supremely functional and comfortable.

Built on a platform of brasher’s expertise in footwear fit and construction with unique Rohan design details and technologies.

Thinking on your feet.

Rohan Mens Footwear

Rohan Womens Footwear

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