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Voting is heavy on Rohantime Outdoor Innovations 50 50

Over the last two months, we have invited all Rohantime visitors to take part in Outdoor Innovations 50 50. The search is on for the most innovative outdoor gear of the last 50 years. The response has been tremendous. Some really interesting and thought provoking nominations have been submitted from readers all over the world. Great examples of outdoor gear sadly no longer in production but nevertheless, ground breaking at the time have been well remembered. Nominations for various pieces of equipment from the technology sector have been strong. We now have an added bonus, unique profiles on the people responsible for some of your nominations. The first one has just been published check out Mike Parsons talks to Rohantime. We have also added a gallery of some of the nominations so far.

There is no doubt we all love talking about our favourite outdoor gear and sharing our knowledge of the product’s history. Discussion on this topic on the various outdoor forums, blogs and newsletters have been buoyant. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we are all part of an amazing industry that provides us with gear that we take to some of the most inhospitable places on the globe. An industry that has a proud, challenging, innovative history and bright future. It is great to share our knowledge and appreciation for some of these products.

If you have not already done so, there is still time to nominate the outdoor gear that you think is the most innovative of the last half century, Rucksacks, Outdoor Clothing, Sleeping Bags, Footwear, Tents, Cookers, Hardware and Technology. They do not have to be in production today but its nice if they are.

HTC Wildfire Android SmartphoneEveryone who takes part in the nominations will be entered into a free prize draw for the latest HTC Wildfire Android Smartphone worth over £200 – innovative technology.

Readers Choice Outdoor Innovations 50/50 will run until the 31st October 2010. The top 50 will be revealed on Rohantime on Monday 1st November 2010.


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