Rohan Thermocore Shirt Review

Rohan Review Thermocore Shirt

Rohan Outdoor Clothing Reviews

thermocore shirtRohan Thermocore Shirt

“Technology disguised as clothing? It’s the functional alternative to a traditional flannel shirt.

Pros: Pure function, pared down and stripped out. The Thermocore has all the soft natural-feeling of brushed natural fibres, but in 100% polyester. High-wicking and insulating properties.

Cons: None – The shirt is a fuller, traditional cut, my shape could have done with a ‘trim fit’ option.

Verdict: The Rohan Thermocore Shirt is a fantastic shirt for every eventually. A functional alternative to a traditional flannel shirt. Ideal for the hills or the high street. Technology disguised as clothing says it all. Read the full review by Gareth Rowson

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