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Welcome to Rohan Stamford from Manager Dee Phillips, Megan Parkin, Alison Macdonald, Caitlin Grant, Michael Hall and Olivia Wilmer.

Shop Address: 74 High Street, Stamford, Lincolnshire PE9 2AW
Situated at the end of the High Street joining red Lion Square (opposite the HSBC bank)

Shop Phone Number: 01780 482934

Shop Opening Times:

Monday 09:00-17:00
Tuesday 09:00-17:00
Wednesday 09:00-17:00
Thursday 09:00-17:00
Friday 09:00-17:00
Saturday 09:00-17:00
Sunday 11:00-16:00


Directions to Rohan Stamford

Access by car; Stamford is easily accessible from the A1 and as the Rohan store is located on the high street, follow signs for town centre. The closest car park to the store is Bath Row, from here carry straight on up Castle Dyke street until you reach Sheep market square (The square has a large Stone monument in the centre). Pass the golden fleece pub on your forward/left and follow the passage (Horse shoe Lane) up past a shop called ‘Nook’ and the ‘Central’ cafe. The Rohan store should be visible on Red Lion square.

Access by Bus; The main town bus station is just a 5 minute walk from the shop. Leave the station and head down the path towards sheep market square (The square has a large stone monument in the centre). Pass the golden fleece pub on your left and follow the passage (horse shoe Lane) up past a shop called ‘Nook’ and the ‘Central’ cafe. The Rohan store should be visible on Red Lion square.

Access by train; Stamford train station is just a 10 minute walk from the shop. After leaving the station walk through a small collection of houses until you reach a T-junction with a car park on your left hand side. Turn Left here and follow a pedestrian path across the picturesque meadows and over the stunning Welland River. Carry straight on up Castle Dyke street until you reach Sheep market square (The square has a large Stone monument in the centre). Pass the golden fleece pub on your forward/left and follow the passage (Horse shoe Lane) up past a shop called ‘Nook’ and the ‘Central’ cafe. The Rohan store should be visible on Red Lion square.

Parking – There are several car parks within the town centre. Prices vary from £3-4 for the full day;
Scotgate car park
Wharf Road
North Street
Bath row (closest car park to the Rohan store)


Staff Recommendations – There are several lovely places to eat and drink in this quaint market town as it boasts a diverse range of great restaurants, pubs and cafes. The high Street itself is a pedestrian zone and is very pleasant to stroll along, with small passageways leading off to charming shops and cafes. The crown Hotel located just 50m from the Rohan store is not only a great place to stay the night in this beautiful town, but is also an ideal place to grab a pub lunch or an afternoon tipple. For something slightly less formal, why not try Central cafe on Red Lion square to share a pot of tea and a tasty sandwich. Other great places to stay include the George Hotel and the recently renovated Bull and Swan Inn.

Local Knowledge – One of the most stunning attractions in Stamford is just a short walk from the Rohan store, which is the stunning Burghley estate. Here the manor and gardens of Burghley house can be enjoyed by all throughout the year, with regular events including the famous Burghley Horse trials in September. The town itself has a delightful market every Friday morning/afternoon on Broad Street (Just adjacent to the High Street). The atmosphere is great and there is lots of fantastic local produce such as tasty Lincolnshire sausages. After visiting the store, if people want to try out their new outdoor clothing their are many local walks and public footpaths. Just 8 Miles of the town is the picturesque Rutland Water where activities for all can be found (both on land and on the Lake itself).



  1. Rohan, Stamford for all your Outdoor Clothing.

    Last of the sale continues so still time to grab the ultimate Rohan bargain.
    New lines are coming in. Amongst them are the new men’s Fenland Shirt styles and another new iconic men’s Bags style. Trailblazers for men in 3 new colours and a convertible too.
    New print designs for the lady’s Worldview shirts and a new colour on the lady’s Sanctuary shirts. Spring and Summer round the corner.


  2. Fantastic bargains still to be had in the Further Reductions part of the sale. You need to be quick though as availability, sizing, etc is an issue towards this end of the sale. Also some new Spring Summer stock is arriving and the new Vapour Trail Waterproof for women is looking to be a great Rohan Product in the exciting colours of Inca Gold and Opal Green. Its got all the classic features of functional, lightweight, packable and very stylish!

  3. Rohan, Stamford for all your outdoor clothing.

    Many customers coming into our shop are doing so because they are looking for packable clothing but also packing systems that they need especially because of restrictions regarding transfers at airports. Rohan do a full range of packing systems from the very simple cells and stowaways, to the duffels, rolling or otherwise, to the larger Rohan Axioms not forgetting all the Eagle Creek packing systems. These systems are all designed to be as light and as versatile as possible. By way of example check out the Stowaway Daybag or Daypack and how it can help you.


  4. Rohan, Stamford, for all your outdoor clothing.

    Its the new year! and with the new year comes our big sale! we at Rohan have started dour new years resolutions. so if you have made a resolution to walk more, climb a mountain or finally book that holiday this year! with plenty of items and garments for multiple uses.

    we also have up to 40% of many lines including some of our wonderful waterproofs and warming layers.

    so if its trouser for trekking, waterproof trousers for walking the dog or the easy travel no crease freelance shirt come and see what we have in our sale while it lasts.


  5. Rohan, Stamford, for all your outdoor clothing.

    its the last week before Christmas and we still have lots of wonderful products in our store ready to picked out, no matter if its a cheeky purchase for yourself your a last minute Christmas presents why not come and look at our top sellers!

    this topping our chart as most popular is the Ursus jacket. available in two lovely colours the night shadow and teal green, it is a very warm snug jackets for these colder periods.

    the high pile inner helps traps your body heat and is super cosy! it as a quick dry time of 8 hours and only weighs 425g

    so pop into store and have a look.


  6. Rohan, Stamford, for all your outdoor clothing.

    Our store in Stamford has had a fantastic run up to Christmas in terms of sales and that is down to the fantastic products in our 2016 Autumn and Winter Range. Staff have enjoyed a Christmas dinner together at a venue in the town which offered every body the chance to dress up and Dee presented the staff with various awards for various contributions made throughout the year. Needless to say there were some shocks, especially when she announced the resident biscuit thief!
    There is still time to shop the Autumn and Winter Range. Among my favourites are the New Country Shirt for men and the Pathway Cardi for the ladies.


  7. Rohan, Stamford for all your outdoor clothing.

    10 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS! we are very excited for Christmas here at the Stamford store and hope you are all looking forward to the Christmas holiday.

    By now you should be all ready with all your gifts bought and wrapped, but if you are still missing a few pop into our store to make sure that you have a gift that will really make them smile on Christmas morning. Our Cold Harbour coat has pride of place of our Christmas window being one of the most popular gifts this year. There wont be many for long so come and have a look before they sell out.


  8. Rohan, Stamford for all your outdoor clothing.

    with the Christmas rush in full swing, its time to make sure that you have all your gifts finished. from the main present to stocking filler or that difficult secret Santa, we have lots of ideas in store.. not to mention gift cards when deciding gets to hard.

    the Cold harbour coat is a wonderful gift, a very smart, warmer, winter coat. with the style of a pea coat its perfect for casual days out or throwing over your going out clothes as a smart jacket. perfect for that wow open Christmas morning

    with the bug light doing really well as a stocking filler don’t forget to check out some of our other accessories, just to give that little extra.

    so pop into store and a member of staff will help make your Christmas morning memorable.


  9. Rohan, Stamford for all your outdoor clothing.

    Our Christmas themed window looks great and the men’s product that stands out, in my opinion, the Downtown Jacket, looks particularly apt for the current weather conditions. Cold but sunny in Stamford this Sunday and the town looks very festive. For the ladies there are lots of accessories such as hats and scarves that compliment the cosy looking Pathway Cardi and Winter Roamers combo.

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