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Rohan Originals x3 Rohan Keswick

News from Rohan Keswick

Over the last two years on Rohantime we have been following the growing Rohan Original Gallery housed in Rohan Keswick. The Rohan originals gallery is a fantastic collection of classic Rohan garment produced from the early 1970’s to the late 1980’s. A visual display of Rohan heritage.

Ben, owner of Rohan Keswick and his team have gathered some excellent examples of the really early Rohan garments. These are now framed and hang on the Keswick shop walls. Ben told me the garments have been donated by long standing customers and some have come from Ben’s own collection that he has been collecting for the last twenty years.

On a recent visit to Rohan Keswick Ben showed me the latest three Rohan Originals to be added to the collection. I am happy to report the three are now housed in a great position in the centre of the shop. The latest collection consists of the Rohan Olfio Mark One, Rohan Wild Vest and Rohan Moving On, circa 1985.

At the end of last year I  reported that there where fifteen Classic Vintage Rohan Originals on display in Keswick. Action Jacket, Master Jacket, Pacer, Flashback, Sohao, Pampas, Black Strider, Moving On MK1, Tundra, Strider, Starkhorn, Bags, One Piece or Jump, Jekyll and Hyde. The total now stands at eighteen. Ben recalls some of the history of the three new additions…

“The three new items are the most recognizable of all Rohan Originals.
Firstly the Moving On Mark II which is much better known than the Mark I which has been on the wall for the last year or so. The Moving On was a firm favourite for many years in this design and produced in a vast array of colours. There have been numerous variations of the over head windshirt since the Moving On-designs like Movi, Goa Top,Voyager pullover,Backpacker top and the current design the Essential Top.
Second up is the much loved Olfio. The one displayed is the Mark I version. The Mark II version which featured the large zipped chest pocket was incredibly popular for years-the advent of fleece in the early 90’s saw its demise.
Last, but not least is the Wild Vest which again was in the range for years, and saw many different design changes compared to the one framed such as zipped front opening rather than poppered and various different weights of filling.

Thanks to everyone who has donated items, if any one has any other Rohan Originals that you think would be of interest then please get in touch”. Ben Rohan Keswick

In addition to seeing all these old friends, I spotted something very interesting which may well prove to be the earliest example of a Rohan Original so far… but that’s another story.

Sarah Howcroft

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