Bhutan Diary – Rohan Travel Clothing goes to Bhutan

If anyone doubts the value of Rohan outdoor clothing, my advice is trek up nearly 4,000 metres to The Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Bhutan, which covers a wide range of temperatures and terrain as you walk and delight in lightness and comfort of your gear and spectacular views in the joy of comfy and dry Rohan boots and socks!

We bought most of our gear from the nice man in our local store in Rohan Chichester and also discussed in detail the best ways to avoid altitude sickness! We then spent most our ascents on treks praising the Rohan gear for protecting us. It really must now become a verb- to be Rohaned is to be perfectly equipped in both comfort and style for your adventure! And even better, once home, we visited our store to see if our postcard had arrived safely with our thanks for their advice and tips! It had. Rohan does what it says on the pack – and more. I’ve now become a Rohan Spotter- checking out journalists gear to see where they have bought their gear – if its Rohan, I classify them as serious trekkers. My only request would be to make the women’s outfits a bit more feminine – wider range of prints? and styles of handy dresses.

Otherwise, keep Rohanning…

Juliette Bijoux

Rohan Heritage

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