Telegraph Travel Saturday 25th Sept

Rohan Review

The Daily Telegraph this Saturday 25th September.

Look out for the Rohan Globetrotter Mac and Rohan Dry Roamers in The Daily Telegraph Travel Section Gill Charlton Ask Jill this Saturday.

The Rohan Globetrotter Mac is completely different. It’s made from exactly the same high-spec Barricade™ technology that we use in our specialist outdoor jackets. It’s a proven fabric, trusted and relied upon by trekkers, mountaineers and committed walkers all over the world.

The Rohan Dry Roamers waterproof trousers for people who hate waterproof trousers. No-one really likes wearing waterproof overtrousers. And, to be honest, no-one really even likes carrying them. But, if you’re out walking in Britain, you always feel you need to pack them, just in case.

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