Prince Charles Woolly Thinking?

woolly thinking

Is the Prince of Wales’ view that natural clothing solutions are greener than synthetics woolly thinking?

The Prince of Wales has urged Vogue readers to wear more recycled clothes and has raised the subject of ‘fast fashion’ and it’s environmental impact into the awareness of fashion consumers Vogue September issue

He cited wool as an example of a natural material and pledged to campaign to persuade consumers to choose it over “artificial fibres made from oil derivatives”.

However, Rohan is surprised by the suggestion that natural fibres hold the total solution in conserving the world’s resources.

Rohan’s Brand Director Tim Jasper says: “Rohan believe that contrary to Prince Charles’ view man made fibres from oil derivatives do hold a large part of the key to clothing the world’s fast growing population. Polyester production, for example, uses a relatively tiny amount of oil very efficiently and once processed can be continuously up-cycled without deterioration of its original properties. Natural materials simply degrade. The lifespan of the original man-made products made in this way is also far superior to natural fibres and requires far less energy in laundering throughout their in life. The environmental cost of natural materials like wool is not at all straightforward with land use, feed, methane production, chemical & water usage all major factors. Future solutions to the massive problem of balancing humanity’s essential needs against careful husbandry of the environment cannot simply be about natural resources alone.”

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